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Cauda Pavonis

Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Band Rock Gothic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"TWF Magazine Review"

Cauda Pavonis – Wars and masquerades.
What is this? Another release by Cauda Pavonis? It seems as if these guys release albums faster than we release issues of the magazine. Still, I am, as you may know by now, very fond of the Bristol four, so that’s okay by me.

‘Wars and Masquerades’ sees the band lay down 12 tracks and, although 3 have been released on previous CDs, they have been remixed for this CD (cor, its like Rosetta Stone never left us!)
As I believe I mentioned when I reviewed their previous CD, adding 2 members to the band has certainly filled out the sound magnificently and ‘Wars and Masquerades’ is packed with some of the band’s best work to date. It just seems that every time you think that Cauda Pavonis have peaked, they have another swig of Jack Daniels and decide they can do better, and promptly do so. It is at this point in the review that I customarily pick out what I felt was the low point of the album, but I couldn’t find anything that I felt had any significant weaknesses, so there you have it.

9/10, Ghost -

"Mick Mercer"

Mick Mercer says of Carnival Noir (2005)

"Four songs, with something entirely relevant to now, but with weird traces of the past, from the punky nature of Su Farr’s stentorian vocals, to keyboard traces conjuring up the faint aroma of War Of The Worlds, like we are listening to slices of an epic, and I suspect they have the talent do it too." and "...vivid lyrical images throughout this EP, and they make fantastical themes compelling." and "...vocals, which are deep and unwavering, but the musical twitches link up with the lyrical delivery to ride their simple rhythms cleverly..." and "Once again they have their method, with debauch and nightmares intermingled, and they carry it off proudly..." and "You will love this, because it’s different..." -

"Organ zine"

ORGAN ZINE says of Carnival Noir

"dark edged medeaval battlefield goth" - Organ

"Compilation Review (2008)"

review Till Dawn Do Us Part 08

and a translation in English:

Compilation: Till Dawn Do us part 08On November 28th this newest release by Dead By Dawn was presented. This time it is a compilation that still presents Belgian groups, but also looks into foreign talent. It is a good thing that lots of Belgian prominent organisations still care for this kind of initiatives, wich shows in the (financial) support this project received by many of the Belgian organisations, including Dark Entries. However, we at Dark Entries do not let our judgement be influenced by this.

Let us start with the absolute high point, and that's not only the price ( only € 8) but also the irresistable 'Juggernaut' by the English goth-rockers Cauda Pavonis. This band is a must to get to know. The wave-pop of the Dutch Bernard Fate is also very nice and Star Industry with the classic 'nineties' is a school example of Belgian goth-rock. Rising star Psy'Aviah is on this compilation again, be it with one of their lesser tracks 'Mine (CRB remix)'. What concerns the more known bands, there is Heyaeb, alive and kicking again (after a four year break) and for those that follow the Belgian scene names like Gestalt, Hedera Helix or Swan Death should not be unheard of. Their submissions may not be the newest tracks they released, but prove there is hope for this kind of music in our country. Besides, 'Amoroso' by Gestalt remains to be a very nice track.Names like Chrysalide (France), Hynnner vs hant1s3 (France), The Goth Factory (Netherlands), Fenix (Chile !), Orlock (Belgium), 26 Tears (Belgium) and XMH (Netherlands) are still a bit obscure and unknown here, in my opinion some keep it so on purpose. Others, stubborn and with a distinctive style like Ayin Aleph (the new Queen?) or the slick yet fascinating dark pop by Hynner vs Hant1s3 and Fenix (wich, by the hybrid style and sound, is a band that could or should be on the Alfa Matrix label).

In other words: there is something for everyone on this Till Dawn Do Us Part. With this in mind, and all good intentions and the very attractive pricing (recommended selling price: only € 8) this is a product no one should be ashamed of (and believe us, here at Dark Entries we sometimes receive albums that are). Order this compilation via Myspace, or on Bimfest (20 December) where Dark Entries will have some copies to sell. Support your scene: join us at Bimfest and make sure you buy this compilation !
- Dark Entries Music Magazine


1999 - Initiation (EP)
2000 - Pistols at Dawn (LP)
2001 - Controversial Alchemy (LP)
2003 - Sigil (LP)
2005 - Carnival Noir (EP)
2008 - Wars & Masquerades (LP)

23 compilation/cover disc appearances

State of Decay Cat:NEONCD1
Dance of the Vampires 2 - THE RESURRECTION
Carpe Noctum New Blood Volume 1
Now That's What I Call Elviras
Sick Twisted Individual Volume 1 (NightBreed Records)
Insanitorium: Heckling From the Cheap Seats
New Dark Age Volume 2 (Strobelight Records)
Gospels from your Stereo (Strobelight Records)
In The Dark Of Night
Till Dawn Do Us Part 08
Shock Kulture Vol 1
(new appearance negotiated - more news soon)

==Cover Discs==
Kaleidoscope 7
Kaleidoscope 10
TWF Magazine 5
Insomnia Magazine 1
Insomnia Magazine 2
Gothic Compilation Part XXXVI
Unscene Magazine 4
TWF Magazine 8
Synthetics Magazine 77
Crawling Tunes Magazine 6
Insomnia Magazine Jan/Feb 08



Cauda Pavonis have gone from strength to strength over the years. The writing duo of Su Wainwright (formerly Farr) and Dave Wainwright have created material that has graced television, radio, video, 3 albums and numerous compilation appearances. The soaring and powerful voice of Su Wainwright; driving tribal drumming of Dave Wainwright and crashing guitar work of Chris Hines has forged one of the most unique and distinctive unsigned bands in the UK.

Their albums have been heralded as "gothic masterpieces" and the 2003 Album, Sigil, had praise heaped upon it by some of the scenes most respected reviewers and was voted the "Number 1" album of 2003 by one of the UK's leading northern clubs, Carpe Noctum. The album caused so much of a stir that the band were interviewed in an half hour long program that featured 2 of the songs from Sigil, for ITV in the UK and tracks were snapped up for 6 compilations by record labels including Nightbreed/PPD and Strobelight Records. In 2006 the album sold out and was moved to digital download on iTunes/Napster/Rhapsody and a string of leading online stores. ‘Carnival Noir’, the 2005 follow up EP, pushed their list of successes further.

The stage show has graced several of the UK’s leading alternative venues including Nottingham Rock City, Cardiff Millennium Stadium, JB’s in Dudley, Bristol Bierkeller and the famous Whitby Gothic Weekend) and has been described as 'powerful' and 'theatrical'. The music has been described as having 'raw, whooshing old school power'. The sound goes much further than that. Rich keyboard and synthesizer elements complete the Cauda Pavonis sound making the music markedly different and pushing the band beyond many of their contemporaries.