DeKalb, Illinois, USA

Caught In Your Pockets is a fresh funky duo out of the suburbs of Chicago. This two-piece band that consists of vocals, keyboard, and drums, loves to play for anyone and anywhere. If you're down with smooth vocals with a whole lot of heart, catchy chords, and hip beats, this is for you.


Caught in Your Pockets wants to catch your attention and show you what they've got. This band has a big heart and a lot to say. If you love indie-rock pop that keeps you dancing and gets you humming a song that's stuck in your head, you would love this band.


Fast Track Flee

Written By: Brynn Bixby

I am having trouble finding my way home, my way home.
Pavement's crowded with bread crumbs I don't know which ones I can call my own.
You call the case a mysterious one, in that tone, that tisk-tisk tone.
Maybe it's me, I don't want it to be.
Take a fast track flee to the coast of California.
We are all fighting a war we cannot win, we don't know what we're fighting for we cannot win.
Pills and Pills, filling your head with that nonsense talk, that cheap cheap talk.
Think I'm flawed, prescribe me something like a new face or a sign, or sense of peace.


We are currently in the process of recording our first album!

Set List

Set lists can go anywhere from 30 minutes sets to about 2 hours.
We play 2 hour sets about once a month and play 45 minute sets multiple times a month.
We are not a big cover band but we have covered a few songs that consist of:
The White Stripes: 7 Nation Army, The Police: Roxeanne, and Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire. A list of our originals are: Spitting Bullets, Satchmo, A Is for Apple, Gypsy Rodeo, Tambo, Fast Track Flee, Foot in My Mouth, Because I Said So, Sounds Before You, Static Skin, Junk, Battle Plans, Easy to Love You, Fact, The Scene, and more...