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The best kept secret in music


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Caural Discography


Initial Experiments In 3-D (Toshoklabs, 2001) TLCD005
Format: CD, limited to 500 copies

Stars On My Ceiling (Chocolate Industries, 2002) CHLT025 LP/CD
(P-Vine, 2002) PCD-23233 (Japan)
Format: CD & 2LP

EPs, Singles, 7"s, Internet:

Paint (Chocolate Industries, 2001) CHLT024 EP/CD
Format: 12" EP & CD

Blurred July (Chocolate Industries, 2003) CHLT032 EP/CD
(P-Vine, 2003) PCD-3975 (Japan)
Format: 12" EP & CD

Lime Green Transfer (mp3) appears on:

They’ll Make A Video Game Out Of Killing People Like You (mp3) appears on Datload 3 Online Compilation:

Compilation Appearances:

Sound Options (Systorm Technologies, 2000) SYST008
Format: CD, limited to 1000 copies

7. Moonboots

(taken from the album, Initial Experiments in 3-D)

Urban Renewal Program (Chocolate Industries, 2002) CHLT027
(P-Vine, 2002) PCD-23254 (Japan)
(Ninja Tune, 2002)
Format: CD & 3LP

3. Interlude
16. Our Solstice Walk

New York: Various Artists (Apartment B, 2002) APTB003
Format: CD

12. For Earsnot (NYC)

(taken from the album, Stars On My Ceiling)

Twilight World 2.0 (P-Vine, 2002) PCD-23311 (Japan)
Format: CD

5. Red Sunshine

(taken from the album, Stars On My Ceiling)

MA: Music For Clothing Shop (Blues Interactions, 2003) FCCD-1001 (Japan)
Format: CD

6. All These Todays Just Melt Into Tomorrows

(taken from the album, Stars On My Ceiling)

Urban Renewal Supplement 1.5 (Chocolate Industries, 2003) CHLT040
(P-Vine, 2003) PCD-4274 (Japan)

7. Photograph

(exclusive track)

The First Forty-Two Inches - Limited Edition Box Set (Frank Wobbly & Sons, 2004) FEW002
Format: 7"

The Girl with the Stained Glass Eyes

Dublab Presents: In The Loop: 1 (Plug Research, 2004) PR48EP
Format: 12" EP

2. I Won’t Race You

(exclusive track)

Hazardous Materials (The Consumers Research & Development Label, 2005) CRL007CD
Format: CD

5. She’s Everywhere I Look

(exclusive track)


The Timeout Drawer: Terrible Secrets Concealed for an Instant by a Flash of Lightning (Caural Remix)
Appears on: Presents Left For The Living Dead (Chocolate Industries, 2003) CHLT045
Format: CD & Limited Edition 7" (1000 copies)

Souls Of Mischief: Spark (Chocolate Industries- Unreleased 2003)
aka "Summer On Cassette"

Diverse feat. Lyrics Born: Explosive (Caural Remix)
Appears on: Explosive (Chocolate Industries, 2004) CHLT037
Format: Limited Edition Enhanced CD
Appears on: Explosive (P-Vine, 2004) PLP-6189 (Japan)
Format: 12"

Adventure Time: Kappabashi (Caural’s Cloudy Aquarium Remix)
Appears on: Glass Bottom Boats (Plug Research, 2004) PLG54EP
Format: 12"

Take: Circle Square (Caural Remix)
Appears on: Colossal vol. 2 (Buttermilk, 2004)
Format: CD & 12"

GB: Nocturnal Tribe (Caural Remix)
Appears on: SIC Green 12" (Sound In Color, 2004)
Format: 12"

The One AM Radio: I Didn’t Speak the Language (Caural’s Almost Lost Remix)
Appears on: On The Shore of the Wide World (Level Plane, 2005) LP78
Format: CD

Forthcoming Remixes on Delic (Japan), Audraglint, & Kan Tai

Urban Renewal Program (Chocolate Industries, 2002) CHLT027
(P-Vine, 2002) PCD-23254 (Japan)
(Ninja Tune, 2002)
Format: CD & 3LP

14. Miho Hatori: Night Light

Hazardous Materials (The Consumers Research & Development Label, 2005) CRL007CD
Format: CD

13. The Timeout Drawer: North, Virginia

Appears On:

Transmission: Black Angus King Size EP (self-released, 1993)
Format: Cassette, run of 250 copies

Transmission: You’re The King EP (self-released, 1995)
Format: Cassette, run of 300 copies

Diverse: Move EP (Chocolate Industries, 2001) CHLT018
Format: CD

5. No Pressure


Egyptian Brain Surgery: Nebes Seben (self-released, 2001)
Format: Limited Edition CD, first run with hand-made covers

3. David-The-Manaja
4. Ajanam

(Guitar & Additional Production)

Longshot: Open Mouths Fed (EV Productions, 2003) EVP001
Format: CD
*- tracks also released as a 12", no label information

10. Open Mouths Fed Feat. Diverse
15. Wicked & Raw

(Background Vocals and Additional Production)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Caural is Zachary Mastoon, a 27 year-old multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from Chicago. Musically "born" in the basement at age 6 with his best friend and neighbor Stuart Bogie (currently a saxophonist for the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra), he's written and performed music
throughout his life in both Transmission (now based in San Francisco), and
the group who became the backing band for fellow Chocolate Industries' emcee Diverse. After studying jazz guitar and improvisation with Anthony Braxton at Wesleyan University, Indonesian Gamelan and Southeast Asian music aboard the Semester At Sea program and experimental electronic music at NYU, Caural briefly returned to Chicago in 2000. His debut CD, "Initial Experiments In 3-D" was released on NY’s boutique label Toshoklabs, and was followed by two EPs and a critically-acclaimed full-length for Chocolate Industries, "Stars On My Ceiling." Now back in NY, Caural has finished remixes for artists on Plug Research, Sound In Color, Buttermilk, Delic (Japan), Consumers Research & Development, Level Plane, Audraglint, Subtractive Records, and Chocolate Industries. While finishing up another two full-lengths as Caural, he's putting finishing touches on a vocal-oriented project entitled "Boy King Islands," and a new record with Stuart Bogie under the name "The Original Ultraviolets."