Cause for Concern
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Cause for Concern

South Bend, Indiana, United States | SELF

South Bend, Indiana, United States | SELF
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Dying City E.P. (2012)

It is available on ITunes, Spotify, Facebook, Reverbnation, and Soundcloud.



Travis and Heath Hicks, have been in multiple bands together over the past six years. In 2010, they left a project in order to start writing together and to search for the right band mates that could contribute not only in the capacity that we were looking for, but also in the quality of the music that was being collaborated. We went through months of writing, and trying to find new band mates, when we picked up our original drummer, Joseph Santilli, from the local open-mic circuit (he appears on drums on the Dying City EP). Travis’s brother Mitch, an accomplished guitarist and bassist, was interested in collaborating with us and we thought that he would be a perfect addition. After arranging a few songs we came to the consensus that none of us wanted to take on the role as front man as we wanted to focus our attention on the writing of solid melodies and catchy rhythms. Dom Sobieralski approached us expressing that he’d like to audition, and he fit in with us instantly thus becoming the front man for Cause for Concern in July 2011.
Unfortunately, we went through a slight line-up change on drums in the winter of 2011-2012, due to creative differences, and brought in seasoned drummer Mikey Martin, who’s really cranked up the energy level of our songs. Our credo is to “Do Good” and we try to spread that message throughout the band and the scene. Too many musicians, once they have been together in a group for a while, seem to forget that the most important facet of the band experience to remember is to have fun. That is one of the fundamental aspects that Travis and I set out to accomplish with the birth of Cause for Concern. We have all heard a lot about how there are a many bands out there that don’t seem to get along that well within the band and that usually leads to the deterioration, and eventual disbandment of the group. It’s the complete opposite for us --- we’re all pretty tight with each other, and we make it a point to hang out on the weekends when we’re not working, and keep each other “in the loop” via text message or Facebook. We feel that it is important to stay “tightly-knitted” in order to overcome the pitfalls that a lot of bands find themselves in. In this way we think of each other more as family members than band mates and we feel that it is pivotal to have this frame of mind in order for a band to survive long term.
Travis and I started writing in November 2010. It took us several months to get a solid line up. We started rehearsing with a full band in April of 2011 and spent 7 months rehearsing, and revising, our songs. Our feet hit the ground in local venues in November 2011, and we have been running strong ever since. We have shared the stage with such acts as: Continental (featuring Rick Barton from the Dropkick Murphys), The Tossers, We are the Union, and Flatfoot 56. In March 2012 we released our debut EP, Dying City and have received great peer reviews from the people that make up the local scene here as well as fans online and we are hard at work winning over fans a show, and a city, at a time.
It’s nice to have the great support of our dedicated fans who show up to our shows, whether it be in blizzards or deluges, donning Cause for Concern T-Shirts and singing the lyrics to the songs along with us as we perform. They are truly just as much a part of the whole experience as we are on stage playing for them. We have been showcased on, and our music has been played on several internet radio stations such as: out of New York, out of Los Angeles, CA, and out of Indiana. We have also been played on 91.7FM in South Bend, which is The University of Notre Dame’s radio station. We are currently submitting ad-work to Maximum Rock and Roll, in hopes to gain more exposure, and our music is available on Itunes.
Cause for Concern loves to incorporate intricate and catchy guitar solos into their pieces in order to add a dreamy and transcending layer that blends seamlessly in with the rocking rhythm and dynamic vocals. Everyone in the band brings in their own influence, mixing street punk with old school metal solos and in your face drumming and catchy lyrics. To sum it up, we have a well-rounded style that not only crosses over the genre lines, but breaks through them wholly, leaving them a shattered mass of music classifications scrambling to define us.
We’re trying to bring in some positivity to our local scene. Newsweek Magazine labeled our hometown, South Bend, In., (which is the 5th largest city in Indiana) as a Dying City, so we’re out to prove that although the economic status of our city may have been thrown a deathblow due to various factors, our underground is very much alive and thriving. Our punk scene consists of 5 gigging bands, so we’re always willing to play with bands that don’t necessarily fall into the stereotypical punk rock mold since we feel as if we, as a band, also do not