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Feeling a bit camera shy


How I got to Know Jesus!

They say that what comes from the heart touches the this is from my heart. I came to know the living God at the age of 24 when I was incarcerated for 5 1/2 months in county jail. I was charged with 2 counts of assault 3rd (when I was in the world I thought I was hard). Well, in jail you call upon the Lord, read and pray but its usually (as in my case) just to get out early. Jesus loved me so that He kept me in there and that's where I learned the truth about the Lord. When I got out I joined a small church (I was baptized at 19 but far from being saved) and even became the church secretary but (for me) learning about the Lord in solitude and living that way (while Free) were two different things. It also didn't help that once I was released I did not have any friends in Jesus. By the time I was 26 I was back in the world....drawn away by my own lusts and desires. I thank God for His Grace and the trials that He put me through in order for me to realize the truth and come back to His loving ways. The way I came back to the Truth was quite unusually. By chance (God) I ran into an old friend and she walking with the Lord. I confessed my turning away from Christ and she said that I was not saved because I did not speak in tongue. In jail, you have nothing but time to read and study the if anything, I knew the truth. I went home that day and searched the scriptures for proof that she had been mislead. While I was looking for scripture to lead her to the Truth about the Lord, the Lord was bringing me back from darkness, through his word. I prayed to God that night that He teach me to stay in His word so that I would not turn away from Him again...I was 27 then and have been walking with Him ever since. With that said, I study daily (berean). My friend now knows the truth and say's that I should become a teacher because I study so much. So this coming fall I hope to switch schools to study His word at a local Christian college (not quite sure what area yet). I currently attend school at a secular university....well if the Lord wills I'll see how it goes.

My Love for music!

I've always loved music and I studied theory and took piano lessons for two years at my local community college but I'm classically trained and every time I try to produce beat's I suck! It always comes out sounding like a soundtrack to some movie. I was also blessed with a voice to sing and talent to write and I am grateful for these gifts but I've always been shy about it. The Lord is working on me with my shyness. I finally told my church members that I could sing (they were all shocked). I was influenced by secular hip hop music and after returning from backsliding I was introduced to Christian rap...oh what joy:-). Let me tell you how good God is....I had the hardest time turning away from secular music because I simply could not vibe to church music. I asked God to give me peace about letting music go and to help me find a love for Gospel music. One day my friend called me and asked me to come over and listen to some gospel rap music that she had come across. Of course, I thought it was going to be wack, but she convinced me to "just come and listen to it". To my surprise I absolutely loved it. I went out and bought my own copies and even started attending the local concerts from word of mouth. Although aimed at the youth....I was from the world and loved concerts so I went anyways. I am currently working on an album to Rep Jesus and I will not let my shyness hold me back. When I have to stand in front of the Lord and he asks me what I've done with the talent's that He's given me, I'd like to say that I used my time and talent to produce hip hop gospel music to help reach the lives of the lost as well as giving those whom are saved something with a real meaning to listen to (as music is a big part of people's lives). In all I would like to say that I seek no reward for making Christian (the right music) music for I know that my reward is in Heaven. I only want to use the gifts that the Lord has given me to hopefully help change the lives of others as well as keeping me routed in the word (not to say that if I don't get to make music that I would ever turn from this walk with Him...He is all too wonderful for me and I just want to share that).