Caustic Lye

Caustic Lye


Caustic Lye is more than just a metal band. They have brutally heavy rhythms and aggressive vocals blended perfectly with melodic keyboard and two part vocal harmonies. The Lye's live performance is an unyielding & powerful extension of their dark musical textures.


Caustic Lye was formed in Albuquerque, NM in the spring of 1999 by founding members vocalist/guitarist Jespah Torres and bassist Raul “Gordo” Uribe in their desire to expand and diversify the boundaries of heavy music. Over the next year and a half, Torres and Uribe immersed themselves in the songwriting process, developing a mixture of eclectic groove and downright heavy energy in just the right dosage to spin the heads of those who listened.

Over the past four years, the band has experienced several line-up changes, including Torres’ leaving behind guitar duties to concentrate on his vocal stylings, and the welcoming of Nathan Tanner and Damian Chavez as guitarists. Caustic Lye also chewed up and spit out two drummers, before finding skin basher Jeremy Ferguson to round out the equation. The most recent change has been the departure of long time lead guitarist Damian Chavez after three years of undying effort for the project.
The split was amicable and marked the beginning of Caustic Lye as a four piece.

The true draw to Caustic Lye has always been the frenzied energy of the live show. The schizophrenic cadence of the guitar attack weaving intensely through the Tribal rhythm and gut-wrenching power of the drums and bass as the vocals flow from impassioned screams and guttural mutterings to atmospheric harmonies of death, love, and faith. As the body begins to move and the adrenaline begins to flow, one cannot help but be drawn into the experience of The Lye.

On the road to oblivion Caustic Lye has shared the stage with the likes of: Mudvayne, Taproot, Candiria, Clutch, Karma to Burn, Isis, Goatwhore, Rwake, Between the Buried and Me, Into the Moat, Black Dahlia Murder, The Genitorturers, Lye By Mistake, Guttermouth, Hemlock, Dalek, 36 Crazyfists, Depswa, Cephalic Carnage, Spite, Drawn and Quartered, Wicked Innocence, Vehemence, Agents of Man, Cannibal Corpse, Macabre, Dying Fetus, Fracas, as well as up and comers Stoic Frame, and too many local and regional acts to name….

The purpose of Caustic Lye lies within its namesake. We are here to burn away the seeds of ignorance and the centuries of layered half truths and misconceptions ingrained within our social structure. The chemical reaction between sonic bombardment and mental stimuli equals TRUTH. Open your eyes. Enlighten yourselves through aggression. The truth is here and now.


LP: "That that is is." - Fervid Recordings, 2006
EP: "Portraits of a cold hard existence." - DIY, 2003
LP: :The view from within." - DIY, 2002

Set List

We play all original material. Lately we've been promoting our new release, "That that is is." and have been showcasing the following songs:

All this (I said under my breath)
Man, Machine and Godhead
Counting the miles
Ringfinger promise
Once proven careless
Wake up
Burning Embrace
Thousand points of light

as well as the following older tunes:

Foundations shaken
Final edit

Our set time is usually between 35 minutes and One hour, depending on what the venue requires.