Caustic Method

Caustic Method

 Watertown, New York, USA

The first noticeable attribute of this band is the chemistry they possess. They sound like a unified machine rolling forward, crushing all that's in its path and at the same time creating a unique and unmistakable sound that is not only captivating but surprisingly marketable.


CAUSTIC can be personified in simplest terms with one word... PERSISTENCE... It does pay off. Tempered under pressure and relentless in every way. Spoken true, All-American-Metal with a gritty full meat and potatoes delivery. A second helping is all you crave, then the true Virus takes over. Hear it, live it, be it, become it, THE VIRUS! Lose your self in everyone and everything.


2005 - From Zero To Hate- Sold Out Of Print
2007 - 12 Step Suicide- Sold Out Of Print

Set List

Six Feet Under
Soul Transparent
My Only Friend
Part Of You
The Path
Find Another Way
Nothing Left
Wake My Dead- 1:25