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I dropped into the Dungeon tonight to catch the Caution Inc. Creepshow were headlining but its the Inc that stole the show, the creeps! With a zombie by the name of Britney Speared Shwacore's real mayors presented their hardcore straight up, no bones, all meat. The banter was hilarious as the four piece praised their hometown, they were just shy of a singalong of We love the dirty water... but did get in Don't Drink The Shwater. Also Hookers and Speed another shout out to their roots with a chorus about STDs that went something like Gone To Rio, I think as its damn hard even for these highly tuned ears (pardon?) to make out the lyrics or chorus of the screamo style snarls. And I'm pretty sure another had the chorus of Nardwaur repeated several times over. It featured Josh Flying V of the Flying TIgers who were in attendance. So I have heard the hype about Caution Inc and I checked it and I say they earn it. They are funny buggers and if I do say so myself they are the new Trigger Happy. GIve me a hell yeah f**k yeah! Duelling light sabres at dawn if you disagree.
Owner Will Neville told me he has D.O.A. booked for a gig soon... Joey Shithead in the 'Ouse... Sweet. You can check his myspace for info as it comes in or just hang out here. We'll tell you.

- Will McGuirk


Caution Inc - (Self titled) - 2004
Caution Inc - Live at the dungeon - 2005
Caution Inc - No One Can Save You - 2006
Caution Inc - 18/200 (single) - 2007
Caution Inc - Party Time - 2008



In the self-important world of hardcore punk where politics and brooding rule Caution inc. treads up stream with riffs, rolls, and screeches that are putting the party back into the punk show.

Caution inc is currently touring back and forth southern Ontario and the GTA in support of their new Dave “Brownsound” Baksh produced album “Party Time!” This recent stint of shows has seen the band driving through all night snowstorms to play to any one that will listen. Between snow storms and the occasionally poorly booked venue –like their infamous gig at the Smoking Turtle, a Durham region Caribbean restaurant and bar that had the band setting up on a small side walk patio– the word has been getting out.

Four years of intense practice and relentless gigs have made Caution inc. Oshawa’s best kept secret but things haven’t always been smooth for these four chubby goof-offs. Caution inc. didn’t truly begin to take shape until their previous drummer left after walking in on the rest of the band practicing with current drummer Warren Piat.

“I saw these feet come running by my basement window,” says guitar player and co-songwriter Andrew Morrison. “He looked at Warren and asked him his name and then said ‘congratulations Warren, you’re the new drummer of Caution inc.”
With the solidified line up of Morrison, piat, guitarist Stev Rothney, and vocalist, bassist, and co-songwriter Bryan Miners Caution inc. does Punk Rock right.

“I’ve always been a fan of the marriage between Puck rock and Rock n’ Roll and these guys do it well,” said Baksh on why he picked Caution to be the first band he’s produced out side of his own musical efforts.

Part of why Caution inc.’s live show has such a legendry reputation in the clubs they play is because of their energy. Club goers can expect to see four guys who have the banter and stage presence that matches any band they’ve played with, from DOA to ill scarlet, to hostage life Caution inc. has been sharing the stage with quality acts and looking good doing it.

Messy, loud, hilarious, and one of the best times a concert attendee can have, they may not be the cleanest houseguests but according to Baksh these boys bring the rock.

“Recording them was amazing, I just wish they would have cleaned up all those pizza boxes.”