Cautious Horsemen

Cautious Horsemen

 Fremantle, Western Australia, AUS
BandPopNew Age

Straddling indie horror, futuristic folk and echo pop, Cautious Horsemen create eccentric experimental soundscapes, and ambient pop gems that will transport you to another world.


The Cautious Horsemen is five young men, bound together by obsession...

Obsession is a funny thing. It can lead people to lock themselves away and lose touch with the world. Time ceases to exist – minutes, hours, days and weeks melt together into one shared moment. After spending two years holed away in a home studio, the Cautious Horsemen have emerged into the light, ready at last to share the strange fruits of their obsessions...

'Surfing the Dunes of Mars', one of their soaring, spacious musical endeavours was nominated in the pop category for WAM Song of the Year 2010.

Straddling indie horror, futuristic folk and echo pop, the Cautious Horseman’s sound is rooted in late 70’s avant-pop and early 80’s post-punk, with overtones of 90’s grunge and modern indie. Falsetto vocals, ultra-processed guitars, ramshackle drums and screeching synths work with and against each other to create a soundscape that transports the listener through the beautiful and sometimes disturbing interior of the Cautious Horsemen’s minds...

It seems lazy to describe a band through references to other bands, but with a band as elusive as the Cautious Horsemen, it’s impossible not to. So imagine Bright Eyes jamming with the Arcade Fire, while Arthur Russell and John Cale dual with Thom York and Mercury Rev...

Got that? No? Then stop thinking, and listen.


Promotional Demo.
Debut EP - In progress.

Set List

Example Set List:

Surfing The Dunes of Mars
Take It All Back
El Dorado's Ailment
The Many Towers of Klong
Doctor - Genesis