Cavan  Te

Cavan Te


Cavan Te is a singer’s singer, honest songwriter, soulful performer, and one of Australia’s most impressive unsigned talents. His original compositions consist of soulful melodies layered over urban acoustic rhythm & blues, expressing his upbringing, relevance, sensuality and inner strengths.


It was evident from a young age that there was something special about Cavan Te.

Born in Sydney Australia, Cavan showed precocious vocal talent first witnessed by his parents at the age of 6, when he would entertain a train filled with passengers during their family vacations.

By the time Cavan had written his first song, he had performed to 20,000 people at the Sydney Entertainment Centre for the Schools Spectacular, received a cameo appearance on Australia’s top TV drama Home & Away, and was the first student inducted into Australian Talent Development Program.

He soon became part of the Australian music industry where he wrote, recorded, and produced his first album Blue Butterfly. This led to; Cavan winning the South Australian Festival of Original Music award with his composition 'Streetlights', the finals in Radio 'Triple J’s' Unearthed competition, radio airplay on 'ABC Radio National' & 'Triple M', one of the top 10 album releases of the year as published by '3D Magazine', and the award for Most Outstanding Male Vocalist that year and the next at the 'South Australian Music Industry Awards'.

He appeared on Australian national television as a finalist in both 'X Factor' and 'Rock Star Supernova', of which resulted in Cavan becoming resident singer on Australian Foxtel TV’s music talk show 'Studio A With Simon Burke'. There he had the delight of singing for the likes of Kate Ceberano, Alan Jones, Peter Garret, Leo Sayer, David Campbell, Noni Hazelhurst, Stuart Wagstaff, Nick Geanopolis, Glen Shorrock, Debbie Burn and Tamsin Carrol, to name a few.

Cavan has toured with and performed for prominent recording artists including: Jimmy Barnes, Roachford (UK), Jade Mac-Rae, Mark ‘Diesel’ Lizotte, Human Nature, Connie Mitchell (Sneaky Sound System), Renee Gayer, Jon Stevens, Cassandra Wilson (US), Mark Holden, Marcia & Deni Hines, Frankie Stevens (NZ), and Molly Meldrum.

Cavan Te is a singer’s singer, honest song writer, soulful performer, and quite possibly one of Australia’s most impressive unsigned vocal talents.


Somethin’ About My Baby

Written By: Cavan Te

I can’t define
Between your and my relationship
What makes me think that you’re the girl who’s got it

And I can’t resist
Your tongue when we kiss
So passionately
The curves that you hide
Me deep inside
And your honesty

When I see you comin’
It’s like it is new
When I hear you comin’
It’s cos I know what to do

There’s somethin’ about my baby
That drives me so insane
There’s sometin’ about my baby
She’s my fortune, she’s my fame
There’s somethin’ about my baby
Her love is heaven sent
There’s somethin’ about my baby
She’s my only supplement

And I can’t explain
The swelling in my brain
From the thoughts of you
That make me decide
That I can’t hide nothin’ from you

And I can’t recall
When I first fell in love with you
I rise at your touch
I want you so much
Cos you’re all that I want to do

When I see you comin’
It’s like it is new
When I hear you comin’
It’s cos I know what to do


More Than Just A Woman

Written By: Cavan Te

I don’t take much work
Monies just the dole
I just eat and drink and shit
Have fun with you all
Cos I’m tired
Tired of who I am
Because lovin’ a woman
It takes more than just a man

She goes out each day
Got space in my head
You know when she ain’t lovin’ me
Cos I did not perform in bed
Cos I’m tired
Tired of who I am
Because lovin’ a woman
It takes more than just a man

And I love her so
And I’ll never let her go
And there’s only one thing
That she should know
That she’s fine
That she’s mine

She goes out each day
Got space in my head
I know that she is lovin me
Cos I did perform in bed
Cos I wasn’t tired
I wasn’t tired of who I am
Because lovin’ a woman
It takes more than just a man

Naked Love

Written By: Cavan Te

I see you walking through the mall everyday
You check the women out in every way
You seen love and it come and go
See you got to be hot on the toes
Got a woman she’s so fine
Got girl’s around all the time yeah
Know what’s happening to the man
Said he’ll use the hand

Naked Love, naked love
Early in the morning
Naked Love, naked love
On late night TV
Naked Love, naked love
It’s just the shit that we’re doing
Naked Love, naked love
Just you and me

I’m up early each day
With my woman next to me
Getting high as I cruise to work
Getting love cause I ain’t no jerk yeah
Got a woman she the bomb
Other chicks just sing along
Lady step up to this man
Said he’ll rock your land


I see you down at the dance hall
In the club with your friends getting down on the floor
I’ll tuck you in with just one glance
And as I move up to you say good night with my romance
I’ll pick you up with my pinky
Guide you out through the doors down the stairs like a slinky
And then you’re asking for more love
I’ll take you home lie you down spread you out then we smooth....

Come 4 U

Written By: Cavan Te

When I come babe I come for you
Feeling’s hot girl you feel it too
You say don’t breath babe and I’ll turn blue
So when I come babe, I come for you
When I come babe, the moon is high
The waves that roll in, reflect the sky
The stars are twinklin’
For us two
So when I come babe, I come for you
And I’m saying baby

When I come babe I come for you
When I come babe I come for you and I’m sayin’ baby
When I come babe I come for you
When I come babe I come for you oo oo oo oo oo.......

When I come babe
I come for you
Won’t take three minutes,
I’ll spend an hour or two
You hop on top girl,
I’ll get underneath
I’ll be the buds babe,
And you can be the leaf
And I’ll take you so high,
So high into the sky
That by the time we’ve finished
You’ll be certain you did fly
Won’t be too long
‘Til we’re startin’ a new
Cos when I come babe
I’m runnin’
I come for you

Soul Return

Written By: Cavan Te

I once sat at home,
Admired the telephone waitin’ for my love
And I used to walk the streets
Compare the style of hair
And the shoes on their feet
Said now I’m feelin’ older
Still got so much to learn

Cos the bridges that I had to burn
Are gonna give me a soul return

I smile at the memories
Laugh at the fears, sometimes I even cry
But I’ll never forget, I’ll never regret
That day I said goodbye
Cos I’m moving out
Yeah I got this whole world to see

Cos the bridges that I had to burn
Are gonna give me a soul return

A soul return is somethin’ that I did learn
After lovin’ life and livin’ large
For a long long time
Now I’m ready to prove I can smooth the groove
As the meanings I converse babble on my rhyme
Ain’t me no failure to stay and conform like the rest
So I’ve come to deliver my verbs with a test
Don’t be no joke and think cos your mind is fine
While your heart and your soul is still lookin’
For a better time

Backyard Home

Written By: Cavan Te

I saw a blues man
Along my way
He had wrinkled eyes
From enjoying his days
Called me over
To express himself
He said the soul that you’re hearing
Is in yourself
And he said and he said

Backyard home
Never leave him alone

Saw soul mamma
Singing down the lane
She was singing so hard
She was crying in pain
She glanced at me
With those weeping eyes
I just drop a dime
As I walked on by
And they said and they said


So I just keep walking along

And I say and I say
Backyard home
Never leave them alone

Sacred Fern

Written By: Cavan Te

We were playin’ a long time ago
As we hung the streets we would call each other bro
At the end of weeks we would gather in the school
Each of us would claim the throne
As the joker lost his cool

And if I could ever be something more than just you and me

So I packed my cloud
And floated off into the sky
As I turned away there were many tears to cry
I skipped on back and took the stars from your heart into mine
Now I’m aware of that quittin’ time

And if I could ever be
Something more than just you and me
And if I could ever be... be...

I left you there
You had no care
Nobody wanted more
Now I’ve returned
The sacred fern
I’m not welcome anymore


Written By: Cavan Te

Streetlights, reflections
It’s time for daddy to come home
My mother, another
Man in her room cos she’s alone

A stranger’s hand to make the rules
Through this cradle I’ll watch
Those legless fools

My father born on two wheels
Robs and steals but
I’ve never seen his face
And that lady cookin’ dinner
Takes the lords name
In vain about this place

She says that plant takes her away
But we both finish bottles
At the end of each day

But it’s fine...
Cos I’m livin’ life knowin’ that she’s mine
But it’s fine...
Cos I’m livin’ life knowin’ that she’s mine

Now I am getting’ stronger
But the longer I stay
I’m doomed to fate
That new man on the sofa
Says I should provide
The food on his plate

But it’s fine...
Cos I’m livin’ life knowin’ that she’s mine

Bro I’ll See You Soon

Written By: Cavan Te

Why don’t you come with me
And you’ll be free my brother
Why don’t you come with me
And you’ll be free
Grew up in a place with a face he never had to hide
Born in the city the city he died

Once a man went walkin’
Thru a town of empty streets
Not lookin’ for nobody and
Nobody there to meet
Mumblin’ to a paper bag
That was huggin’ Mr Wine
He took a blurred look at me
And was askin’ me the time

So I took him around the corner
To apartment 1, 2, 5
He look up in the mirror
Say goddamn I still alive
He shit, he showered, he shaved, he brushed,
He put on some perfume
Said yo I check you later friend
Bro I’ll see you soon...
Bro I’ll see you soon...

Bro... Bro I will see you soon

Bro, Bro I will see you soon
Check the effect of my love monsoon
Beats from the heart
Where it starts each day
You took me in from the wind and
Turned me out the right way
Now I’m alone but home I come soon
Scoopin’ up wisdom with my mind like a spoon
You helped me out
Now I know we’re in tune
So Bro, and bro yeah
I will see you soon


Blue Butterfly

Written By: Cavan Te

It’s accepted by your friends,
But their ignorance will never end
Your problems are throwin’
Your life away
You can feel reality another day
The high gets higher
On an ultimate deal
Postpone your thoughts
For a better feel
Take care of your looks
But not your soul
A faithful addiction is your only role

Blue Butterfly
Your life is one day and then you die
And there is no reason why
You live this way
Why do people take for granted
Livin’ day by day?

It takes more than a hit to survive
A zombies dead but you’re alive
The taste in your moth
Affects your brain
The visions inside are too insane
It’s only your mind that cries for more
Those points when you rise
Drive you to score
You see the red light but
Time will never stop
There won’t be satisfaction
‘Til you’ve had the lot



LP - 'Blue Butterfly' - Released independently 1998, comprising of 15 Tracks
LP - 'Anthology' Released Digitally through 2008, comprising of 11 Tracks

Set List

Set 1:
1. Soul Return
2. Backyard Home
3. Blue Butterfly
4. Love is On the Run
5. Streetlights
6. Chameleon Sunrise
7. Bro I'll See You Soon
8. More Than Just a Woman

Set 2:
9. Sacred Fern
10. Come 4 U
11. Naked Love
12. Missin' You
13. Real Thing
14. Smoovin'
15. I Can Do
16. How Deep
17. Somethin' About My Baby

18. Great Day
19. Love Will Find You