2006 is shaping up to be a breakout year for Caveat, whose self titled EP was recently named a “Top Cow-town Releases of 2005” by Beatroute Magazine. This progressive metal band is producing some of the most innovative & intense music Canada has to offer and has won over fans and critics alike.


One of the leaders of the current western heavy music revolution, Caveat released their debut album, "The Biggest Secret" (independent), in May 2004, to favourable reviews from the local music community. More than a year later, the group returned with a self-titled EP that has their fans banging their heads in approval. If "The Biggest Secret" was the sound of a band trying to find it niche, Caveat’s follow up EP is an unapologetic shout to forge ahead, devil horns to the sky. To understand the evolution of this unique band, one only has to look at the origins of Caveat.

Formed in Calgary, Alberta, in 2002 by Greg Musgrave (vocals/guitar) and bassist Terry Baldwin, Caveat enlisted percussionist Casey Rogers in late 2003. The trio recorded a full-length album, entitled "The Biggest Secret", in 2004 but soon realized their desire to broaden their sound with a second guitarist. This led to a brief hiatus from performing for Caveat, as ex-Thorazine shredder Joe Sikorski joined the fold and the band went to work on writing new material and refining their sound.

In 2005, the newly cemented line-up entered Calgary’s Sundae Sound Studios for a manic four-day recording session with local sound engineer Al Irving. The result is a professional, five-song EP, featuring 26 minutes of accessible, progressive metal that combines aggressive metal vocals with three-part harmonies, funk influenced bass lines and traditional thrash-metal guitar riffs. Besides showcasing three new tracks, the EP also includes re-recorded versions of “Immortalized” and “State of Grace” from 2004’s "The Biggest Secret" with the intent of demonstrating the extent to which the band sound has improved since their earlier release.

With over 35 past performances in and around Western Canada, including twice opening for legendary Texas rock trio King’s X (Inside Out Music USA) at The Underground in Calgary, AB, Caveat has formed a rabid and loyal local following who are attracted to the band’s distinct multi-layered sound and intensely entertaining live show. While 2005 was a banner year for the group both creatively and commercially - Caveat has been featured in no less than eight print publications in the last five months, including The Calgary Sun, Beatroute Magazine and REK Magazine - they have no intention of slowing down in 2006. With upcoming performances already booked in and around Western Canada, Caveat continue performing, writing and gearing towards their upcoming full-length album, while promising to push forward an awakening of Canadian metal with their fresh and distinct sound.

For more information visit Caveat on MySpace at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/CAVEATSMUSIC


The One

Written By: Greg Musgrave

You are the one & I have come to you
You are the one, & I will take you too the top
All of the things that you shall now be the one
Now is the time that you will never, but never (see)

Inside, my life, as you will now feel
Freedom, beyond all you thought & all you reap, never bleed your enemy
Show them their own misery, never falling into greed & hate - will you ever see the light of day

As he slowly reached the top his words began to reach the hearts & minds
Of all those who listened to him speak the truth, the wisdom, follow me to my kingdom
Teach me of the way, that I may never see the eyes, watching, waiting, its coming
Instead I stand & face the fear of contemplating, life or death awaiting, no more hesitating

Calling, the answer waiting
Coming to the time when I will never be the same, take me to the top & never coming down again
I explore my temptation
Take me to the place, where I once fell from grace
Longing, awaiting
Coming to the time when I will never be the same, take me to the top & never coming down again
I hear you call to me

Now you see, all will be, come to me - bleeding inside of me
Eyes watch you, see through you, what you do - always come back to haunt you
Get back, get back, get back, get back on line, come on, you gotta take it from the inside
No more the time that I believe - Never realizing, you are the one.

State of Grace

Written By: Greg Musgrave/Terry Baldwin

Hearing the call in the dark - suddenly I'm awake
Seeing the pain that it brings - all to familier sight
Finding I'm walking the line - balance soon escapes
Now that I'm falling behind - torturing my eyes

Same feeling as I felt that day
Innocence lost seems like yesterday
Wander lost never to find my place
Taking the time to find my state of grace

I don't know what to do, what to say, I'm a mime on a perminent high
Feel the cool, feed the pain, I'm the one, who will say, that its never enough
Fall asleep in a bed full of snakes, they bite, & now the venom's in my veins
All alone, in a room, full of black, the lights off, & nobody is home

Taking it back once again - once more I escape
Finding I'm playing the game - suddenly I hear voices
Tell me that you are the one - who takes away the pain
Only to play it again - the game time never looses

I try to forget, but it lurks in my mind
I feel like I'm fading, like I'm not even alive
The first time we met, I held back his fire
But again & again, he returned to me

Into the Black

Written By: Greg Musgrave

All in the way that I'm feeling
Well on the way to my healing
Fade away as I need it
Taking the light (as I bleed it)

Vacancy in what I once had
Seemingly endless I change hats
Fortitude in what I know
Never forget what you now hold

Knowing resolve when I speak truth
Sensing the lies when I hear you
Blaming all but what you do
Silence the pain (you always do)

Calling the name that comforts you
Crys of redemption can't save you
Only thing you can now do
Open the blinds to see into

Into the brain, the pain, insane, your gonna be
Out in the cold you sold your soul, your gonna go
Down to the place, you taste disgrace, your gonna face
All of the years or fear, your tears can't wash away the pain

Now that your mine you find no kind peace of mind
Deep in your head your led to bed, now wake up dead
Now that you know I own your soul you lose control
Never to wake I take your fate, its now too late


Is this a dream, no one here to guide me - falling deep inside
Will I remain, or will this just fade away - could this be my time

(repeat words for intro riffs A & B)

(repeat bridge)

(repeat words for intro riffs C & D)

I'm an infiltrator, mass dementor - gonna get inside you, nothing left to hide you
Gonna see, gonna be - Gonna see, your gonna be nothing but a wanna be


Once inside you, then I'll find you - creeping into your veins, gonna be that last thing
That you know, now we go - That you know, now we go deep into the black hole


Taste the scenses, consequences - got to take you down now, bring you down to size now
Gonna bleed, your disease - gonna bleed your disease, now I'll bring you to your knees


Make amends still, your never will - see the other side of, all your little lies your
In a hole, with no control - in a hole, no control, gonna be the one to fold



Written By: Greg Musgrave/Terry Baldwin

Too blind to see, to green to know more
Follow the sign, follow the T.V.
No more control taken your free will
Starting to grow into a virus

Careful to seek, timid to move on
Wanting to find alternate download
Spun like a web, connecting all kinds
One you are in, no way to crawl out

One step closer, falling under, feeding machine, until you bleed
Consummation, global nation, taking over, new world order

(repeat mellow verses & chorus)

See, inside of me, you see the eyes, IMMORTALIZED (repeat 2X)

Feel the fever, see me
You wanna follow me on inside
You'll never see "ska-ma-ee-ta-zo"
You'll never know what you have tasted, until you see...

(repeat verse 1 & 2)


Now you know what its like to go inside of your mind
Patiently waiting for one day to understand this...
Meaning of life, the dark & the light, the day & the night, understand why
Do what they say, do what they want, the cards will fall where they may

Feel the fire, never gonna fall off the wire, you are gonna be the next one
Never gonna see you when you call to (me)
May I take time, talk to you awhile, words that will be, all you need to free you from this
Pain inside, never gonna open your mind, gonna free the demons inside,
Never gonna see you when you call to me
Never gonna see, never gonna be,
Never gonna see you when you call (repeat 3X)
Never gonna, never want to be....

New Breed

Written By: Greg Musgrave / Casey Rogers

Layin awake thinkin about what you said to me, thinkin that I'd never understand you
More & more I see the you coming out of me, knowing that I've become a part of you

Does it seem to late for you to appreciate, the finer wines in life when so much has passed you by
Wanting to awake this appitite I crave, all that will remain is what you gave to me

Can I be your eyes, can I be your skin, can I be the name you call to, over again
Gonna be your arms, gonna be your head, gonna be your only, until the end

Looking in the eyes of another me(looking in the eyes of the enemy)
Filling me with disbelief, how could this have ever been, all the way until the end, live another me
Follow in the eyes of the other me(follow in the eyes of the enemy
Onward I will hold the key, to what will become of me, soon enough I will believe, live another lie

One too many times in the middle when I'm feeling no place to go
Stuck in the place where there is no trace to figure out this on your own
All I can say when there is no pain, there is nothing left for you to gain
Seemingly this is the time when I will call to you & say

Always thought I'd be the one to take your heart, now its gone I see how darkness falls
Sometimes I pretend that things had never ended, all I what is stranded, out of my sight

Forward the cause & expose your flaws, while maintaining you virtue's call
Never knowing the time when the call will awaken what answers all
Cause & effect when is me I reject as I struggle to stay on the path
Memory weighting me down in a smoke cloud, ellucid to myself

Wondering what to believe, what did I really concieve, only inside do I see
All I would need is the key, to unlock what you believe, following me now you see
Taking me back to the place, all I would need is the taste, longing I wait for the day
Gonna see through the disease, knowing inside what I need, finally finding the key

Now it is the time when you will follow me
Try to find the answers that you want to see
Take me on a journey to another place
Waking up the other me inside of me (inside of you)

Take away the feeling that you own me, freedom is the answer to allow me
Automatically become the new me, leaving you with nothing but a memory

Teach me to accept my only, please become my halo
Wisdom is but growth in loosing, wake me take me home again

Wanted to be, the one you indulge into
Never to see, what drives you to invite
Follow the lead, as soon as you find that your
Another me, inside you waiting

Pretend, what I'm feeling beneath
Hiding, what I'm feeling beneath

Condemn, what I'm feeling beneath
Bleeding, what I'm feeling beneath.



Caveat released their full-length debut, entitled "The Biggest Secret" in 2004.

September of 2005 saw Caveat release a 5 song self-titled EP, which generally had a much harder, progressive sound.

Subsequently, the "Caveat" EP was named one of the Top 2005 Calgary Releases in the January 2006 issue of Beatroute Magazine. (Caveat was the only metal band on the list)


Caveat's "The One", a track from their self-titled EP appeared on The Fire Union's "Autumn. Five" compilation album.

The track also appeared on KnuckleTracks #94, a CD Sampler that accompanied the April issue of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine, Canada's premiere metal publication.

Caveat's "The One" also appeared on the Alberta Metal compilation "The Greatest Underground Show on Earth", released by Cyclone Records on Feb 28th, 2006.

As well as the Canadian compilations, Caveat was recently approached by Sinaria, an upcoming NY metal band, to submit a track to an American compilation album, which was distributed at Sinful Saturday's April Fools Metal Fest, April 1st 2006 in Levittown, NY, USA.


Caveat's self titled EP has charted at:

#1 on CFBX Kamloop's Loud/Metal Chart
#3 on CKXU Lethbridge's Loud/Metal Chart,
#3 on CHRW London's Loud/Metal Chart
#8 on CJSF Vancouver's Loud/Metal Chart
#10 on CILU Thunder Bay's Loud/Metal Chart

Caveat's music can also be heard on:

Rampage Radio KUSF 90.3 FM (San Francisco, USA)

Set List

Caveat's typical set list ranges from 40-45 minutes in length.

1. The One
2. New Breed
3. Epitaph
4. State of Grace
5. The Biggest Secret
6. Into The Black
7. Immortalized
8. Journey's End
9. Feed

Caveat generally do not play covers.