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"Daily Utah Chronicle Review"

"Cavedoll is Salt Lake City’s version of that oft-noted "Cure meets Smashing Pumpkins" paradigm -- an alternative rock group whose music is laden with catchy, melodious hooks.

The brainchild of Salt Lake local Camden Chamberlain, Cavedoll is accessibly sinister. Though its lyrics are suitable for the whole family, Cavedoll thrives in its dark undertones. Not since Robert Smith crooned "Lullaby" has a song felt as eerily at peace as the Doll’s "Rhondel" -- a disquieting, soothing bedtime story to quell childhood fears of death.

Catch Cavedoll for free at the Gallivan Center before you have to pay sixty dollars to see them at USANA." - Daily Utah Chronicle

"Salt Lake City Weekly Review"

"Ever notice how some local bands seem to only have about 10 (if they're really ambitious) songs at their disposal? Not a problem with Cavedoll: Singer-songwriter-engineer Camden Ray's mercurial band has 100 original tracks available at, with more on the way. Even more impressive, there's nary a dog in the bunch, and Cavedoll's newest CD No Vertigo is but one release for 2008. "All told, there will be 10 CDs coming out," says Ray. "About 175 songs total. Half of that is my back catalog stuff that's out of print, but a lot of it is new and has never been released." - Salt Lake City Weekly

"Daily Utah Chronicle article"

"Audio engineer and member of numerous local bands, Camden Chamberlain’s creative abilities are in no way impaired by the large of amount of projects for which he is simultaneously responsible. Chamberlain’s most prolific endeavor to date, Cavedoll, combines catchy songwriting, a taste for diverse soundboards and genuine good-sound sensibilities into songs always well-planned and occasionally spectacular. Cavedoll is also as good-looking as it is great sounding, with morbid visuals at live shows that complement Chamberlain’s Jack-the-Pumpkin-King-croon. This show will mark the five-year anniversary of Pseudo Recordings, home to local favorites the Red Bennies, The Wolfs and the Vile Blue Shades." - Daily Utah Chronicle

"Beyond Race Magazine Review"

“Cavedoll's new album No Vertigo – one of ten albums released this year by the band – is a brilliant melding of different genres that represents the band perfectly. Depending on who's singing lead – Camden Chamberlain or his wife Vanessa – the sound can sway anywhere between an electro-B-52's or an indie-pop Bowie. The songs are up-beat and danceable most of the time but tend to have a dark, Cure-like undertone as well. Camden's dark croon is similar to the distinct drone of Interpol's Paul Banks. Juxtaposed with Vanessa's feminine presence, the dual vocals add another layer to the songs.

Standout track "Taste Like a Hurricane" is the cream of the dance-pop crop, with Vanessa's sugary vocals and an up-beat chorus over simple yet effective synth beats. The influences are evident but don't mistake them for a tribute band. Cavedoll are definitely innovative enough to stand their ground.”
-Janine Rizak, Beyond Race Magazine
- Beyond Race Magazine

"Glasswerks Review"

“Cavedoll are prolific. They are releasing 10 albums in 2008, yes you read that right, they already have a back catalogue that some bands spend a decade creating.

A band that can be compared to The Rapture, The Cure, Radiohead and The Killers is always going to attract some attention, but be warned, while most of their albums fit in with the above genres of alternative indie pop there are whole albums that drift off into electronica, techno and even acoustic folk. But that is to be expected when producing hundreds of tracks a year, eventually you will need to draw on other influences.

However that does seem to be the only disadvantage of their mass produced songs, most of the tracks are well produced with catchy melodies and impressive lyrics. There is a general dark undertone throughout their music, but for the most part this is a quirky style countered well by the upbeat rhythms and riffs.

Existing fans advise that it’s best to start with one of their indie pop albums before trying some of the other styles, or you could go all out and buy Cavedoll’s Data DVD which contains their whole back catalogue in MP3 format and pictures etc. This is clearly a band that is making themselves future proof, and have the rare ability to keep fans happy with a constant supply of new catchy songs.” –

"Babysue/LMNO review"

Cavedoll - No Vertigo (CD, Pseudo Recordings, Pop/rock)
Interesting basic guitar pop/rock from Salt Lake City, Utah's Cavedoll. The folks in this band are obviously intent on producing as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. This year they are releasing 10 (yup, read that right) albums including remixed, remastered, and repackaged editions of their back catalog. No Vertigo features sixteen smart, melodic, danceable pop tunes. The vocals are sometimes reminiscent of Robert Smith...while some of the tunes sound almost as if they could have been penned by Ron Mael (of Sparks). The band's mainly moody progressive sound draws inspiration from the 1980s and yet the overall sound is decidedly twenty-first century. We are somewhat confused by the inclusion of the two cover tracks at the end of the album. The band's takes on The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" and David Bowie's "Heroes" seem very much like an afterthought and could have been omitted entirely. No Vertigo is a nice, upbeat experience with plenty of hummable catchy tracks. Our favorite cuts include "Decoder," "King of the Clouds," and "Even When I Hate You." (Rating: 4++++) –Babysue/LMNOP review
- Babysue

"Slug Magazine Review"

"I’ve been waiting to hear something personal from this local recording prodigy, and it’s finally here. Camden Ray Chamberlain [CAVEDOLL] is an amazing composer and arranger of these circus/gypsy style songs that seem heavily inspired by Queens of the Stoneage, David Bowie, Radiohead, Roger Waters and possibly Billy Joel. Equally talented as engineer to his own musical enterprise, Camden arises as a fresh taste to the scene with potentially as epic a presence as QOTSA, especially if QOTSA were new wave. A Preview of Dying kicks ass, with a flood of local talent that helps to weave one through this multi-dimensional, expressive, imaginative creation by adding inspired tidbits of skill, wisdom and know-how to concrete songwriting. What a man! What a great index of artistic faculty! What a record! If you dig Radiohead/Bjork-style samples, early art-house Bowie, humble Piano Man songwriting, QOTSA energy/sass and Roger Waters-esque delirious vocal brashness, then you’ll dig on Camden Ray." -Cindi Robinson. Slug Magazine - Slug Magazine

"Lord Litter"

“Excellent *fusion* of timeless
pop-rock!!! .. airplay guaranteed ... will be back with playlists!!” - Lord Litter, (Lord Litter's Magic Music Box radio show, Germany)
- Lord Litter

"Eartaste Review"

“Turn it up, take a look at yourself.” This song is purely a humpday dance – the lyrics there simply to keep bubbles bursting in the soda tickling my alcohol. Hands in the air, moving wildly around the floor with no thoughts of anything except release release “move me round Jarona”. Shoutout for the heatwaves of Broken Eardums. - -


Full-length albums:

"No Vertigo"
"Blindfolded Patron"
"The Sweetest Liar"
"Black Ground"
"So Tiny is We"
"They Used to Be"
"The Harbor"
"Everyone Loves the Sun"
"Map One"
"Songs That Would Not Behave, Vol. 1"
"Songs That Would Not Behave, Vol. 2"

All albums available at, Itunes, and various other locations.

Cavedoll's music has been played at various radio stations across the world as well as podcasts and internet radio stations. Most notably they have recently received airtime on XFM's channel 43.


Bio, May 8, 2008 - “ Cavedoll is prolific, almost to the point of absurdity. The neo-new wave group from Salt Lake City, UT has released 13 albums in the past year, with a total of ten albums due out in 2008. At the root of it all is the hyper-active imagination of frontman, producer and multi-instrumentalist Camden Chamberlain. For Cavedoll's latest release, No Vertigo, Chamberlain and the rest of his band serve up a hip-shaking burst of feel-good energy, inspired by '80s synth pop, electronica and punk.

The album opens with the infectious and explosive "Decoder," with a driving synth bass groove and Chamberlain's crooning voice singing, "you know you want it!"

"'Decoder' was inspired by the big, dancey mash of music I was listening to at the time, spanning several decades," says Chamberlain. "The lyrics and music are meant to reflect the over-sexed mindset of someone who is caught up in the speed and chaos of modern city life."

No Vertigo takes a slightly darker, Cure-like tone on songs like "Cut in Half" and "Soma E Coup," while tracks like "The Past That Was" and "Now Is Our Time" are quieter and more introspective. But the urge to dance is still there.”

NO VERTIGO is currently charting on CMJ's TOP 200 charts, and DECODER will be featured on the Planetary Groups "Stranded in Stereo Vol. 10 "CD compilation due out soon.