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The best kept secret in music


"Ambitious is Before the World. Filled with a plethora of musical styles and movements, this album plays out like a journey into the heart of human existence. Pretty bold for a group of Americans in their early twenties. Relying on a jazz background and a love for musical genres ranging from funk/jam based to tribal world influenced, these young men have taken bold steps to forge orininal ground here. Although it would be easy to kick out a few groovy jams and just coast on the wave, these cavemen have instead created a dense composition consisting of tight arrangements and a wide range of time signatures. By using the template of improvisational music as a way of tapping into the moods of men of a distant age, this album provides a wild emotional ride. Drummer Tim Keiper's ability to add accentuations when necessary definitely stands out while guitarist John Lee's range of playing styles astounds. Caveman has no bounds to its development. It can and will expand much like primitive man has. Their next journey will definitely not resemble their first, and I look forward to travelling with them." - Stuart Reed

"Seeking further exploration into the primordial and psychedelic, the music of Caveman encompasses a more complex instrumental hybrid of heavy layering and dynamic mood and tempo changes. Each tightly woven composition expresses the originality of the musicians and the multi-dimensional approach they have taken with this band. Tribal infused rhythms, silky dub style and straight out sublime rock fusion is found in exemplary fashion encased in the quartet's 18-track record Before the World. As yet another positive installment to the Trenchtown scene, Caveman is one group that will keep the room's attention, keeping you guessing where one tune will end and next will begin. Another gathering of the well-traveled, Caveman is more tribe than band as each member is an integral piece of the creative village. Guitarist John Lee's iridescent vision is propelling and often peculiar as he is complimented by the strong work of bassist John Buck and keyboardist Brian Marsella. The tight rudimentary foundation laid by drummer Tim Keiper and his assistant, percussionist Matt Brundrett, is the cavern wall where, in words of intrinsic chemistry and transcendental melody, the band paints their tales of journey and discovery for all to read."

from "Trechtown Rock: The World Takes" - Rob Krevolin


Before the World (2002)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Beyond description, Caveman is an awakening of the soul. To be at a Caveman concert is to be transformed. It is an experience, much like life itself, that has to be experienced to be known. And the knowledge you depart with is to know and love yourself. The music is a blending of a plethora of musical styles from jazz, rock, and blues, to tribal music of Africa, India, China, and the Middle East telling the story of the evolution of music carrying influences of John Coltrane, The Grateful Dead, and the New York downtown scene.

Leading the journey is Chief Caveman John Lee, a brilliant guitarist from Oakton, VA. John is the spiritual and musical leader of Caveman. His music is the Message from the Indians--melodies sung to him from the Great Beyond. Caveman is the intersection of John's musical and spiritual growth, a point defined when John decided to lead his own band with his long-time friend, bassist John Buck. Lee's search for musicians that could fill his role in carrying out the message from the Indians led him to find drummer Tim Keiper, from Red Bank, NJ; keyboardist Brian Marsella, from Bucks County, PA; and percussionist Matt Brundrett (aka. Black Hole) from the depths of outer space.

All five met while studying jazz at The New School University in NYC. Tim is an extremely creative, unique drummer that has to be seen to be believed. Brian, an insane philosopher and virtuoso pianist, was perfect for the band because of his enthusiasm for the music and belief in the power of its message. Black Hole remains a mystery that may be revealed in time.

In June of 2001, in Jersey City, NJ, Caveman was born. Since that time they have played from Toronto, Ontario to Farmville, VA in clubs like the Comfort Zone, and Knitting Factory as well as many bizarre and wonderful festivals. It has been quite a journey for the band in their short time together. A busy first year, Caveman also finished their first studio album, "Before the World" in the winter of 2002.

If you are a lover of all things, big and small, beautiful and ugly, welcome to the cave. If you want an emotional experience never before told, Caveman will never be too far away.