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Caveman @ Whiskey agogo

LA, California, USA

LA, California, USA

Caveman @ Gig-Hollywood

LA, California, USA

LA, California, USA

Caveman @ BB Kings

LA, California, USA

LA, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"An Istraeli supergroup of sorts, Caveman has a huge Guitar Rock sound with Blues roots but also sards of AltMetal here and there. It will resonate immediately with Hard Rock fans, especially the stretched-note vocal delivery and guitar solos. But the Electronica flourishes are what will sear it into your memory".

Dig it: Jet, Gravity Kills, Coal Chamber. (EW)

City Beat Sep 26 - Cincinnati's news and entetainment weekly
- (EW)

"A good rock album is very hard to come by nowadays. On the one hand you have the Emo bands that are doing their best not to break any new ground, and are getting staler by the minute. On the other hand you have the 80’s revivalists who have more than out-stayed their welcome. And that’s why I was all sorts of happy when CAVEMAN debut album landed in my lap.
From the opening track of ‘Dirty Faces Clean Hearts’ you know you’re in for a treat. For the price of a rock album you get great riffs, crazy samplers, amazing vocals and incredible song writing.

There is a fair amount of 90’s in the album. The mind-blowing guitars can give Alice in Chains a run for their money. The electronics take a stab a NIN but without the “I got a million dollar studio and I’ll do whatever the fuck I please” pomposity. But despite the riffs and loops this is not a 90’s album; it is very much modern and serves up a very different kind of energy.

The song writing is very unique. There are the heavier, riff-lead tunes which concentrate on slowly building up tension and arranging each verse in a distinctive way. The slower tunes are meticulously put together. “Say No More” is the best ballad I’ve heard in a long time. The nice thing though is the little “surprise” you get with each song. No matter where you think a song is going, you’re always served some extra musical candy you weren’t expecting.

Vocalist Kfir Basson takes you through a roller coaster ride of love, hate and loss. Lyrically he challenges the listener with difficult lines like “Sometimes I spit inside your pillow just like a dog that leaves his mark. But every time the darkness gets too close for comfort you are directed back to cosmic lights, pride and love.”
“Dirty Faces Clean Hearts” will not relax you on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But if you’re up for taking a more meaningful ride, it will definitely give you a weekend to remember.

Caveman are currently on tour. If you’re in the L.A. area I highly recommend you catch them at The Whiskey-A-Go Go on October 8th."

- Charbarred -

"Teeming with magnetizing musical moments, Caveman are dark, electro-rocking pioneers bound to satisfy eccentric audiences hungry for the new, different and multifarious". - Lior Shamir,
- Lior Shamir

Caveman has just released their new video on YouTube. Check it out, it’s a nice one. They’re on their way to L.A. soon, so watch out for them.

- The Plugg:

'If a great band like Caveman comes out of Israel, people will look at israel instead as a very creative country.'

- By Brian Blum February 11, 2007 Israel21c

...."a rock band with a great sense of song writing. Their sound is unique and heavy, dynamic and emotional, raw with subtle electronic elements pulling you in when you least expect it, Caveman may be the new sound that rock music has been waiting for...." - by Allon Sacks,1909 (


Kfir Basson:
LP - The Selfish Gene / Hed Arzi 2006
LP - "Unfold" By Violet Vission / BNE 2004
EP - Selfish Gene / Hed Arzi 1996

Shay Raviv:
Releases: Fingering Nuns On Mars (12") BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2001 First Sign Of Communication (CD) BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2001 Unfold (CD) BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2003 Your Voice (CD, Maxi) BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2003 First Sign Of Communication / Unfold (Special 2xCD Set) (2xCD, Ltd) BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2005
Remixes: Deeply Disturbed (CD, Maxi) Deeply Disturbed (Viol... BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2003 Raveolution (CD) Eva Dawn (Violet Visio... Phonokol 2003 Cities Of The Future (CD, Maxi) Cities Of The Future (... BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2004 Cities Of The Future (12") Cities Of The Future (... Resist Music 2004 Assault & Battery (2xCD) Cities Of The Future (... System Recordings 2005 Remixed (CD) New Wave Hooker (Viole... HOM-Mega Productions, Vision Quest 200
5 Appears On: Cities Of The Future (12") Cities Of The Future (... BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2004
Tracks Appear On: Life Is... (CD) Sense BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2001 Sampler 2001 (CD) Fingering Nuns On Mars BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2001 Another Life... (CD) Gentle Anarchy BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2002 Elucidations (CD) Sign Of Bliss LSD - Liquid Sound Design 2002 Generations (2xCD) Substance 44 BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2002 Unidentified Forms Of Sound 3 (CD) Honey BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2002 IsrAliens 4: Solaris (CD) Cellophane (Trance Mix) HOM-Mega Productions 2003 Life Is... Creation (CD) Your Voice (Pulse Mix) BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2003 Psy-Box (CD) Your Voice Future Music (Spain) 2003 BPM FM - Trance On Air (CD) Cellophane (Sub6 & Dom... HOM-Mega Productions 2005 Fallen Angel (CD) Bouncing Ball, Fortean Agitato Records 2005 Goa 2005 Vol. 3


Feeling a bit camera shy


What is the connection between electronic music and a rock band's biography? Usually none, but in the case of Caveman we cannot ignore the fact that the eccentric piano man is from violet vision ,an act with world known reputation for creating the most twisted industrial/electronic sounds out there. Take Violet Vision's sound and mix it up with Kfir Basson's mind blowing voice and his hair-raising harmonies. And you'll get anything but a normal Rock band as a result. Kfir Basson was the singer for one of Israel's most successful rock band in the late nineties (The Selfish Gene). They also spent 5 years playing the UK rock scene and they took it by storm. The Selfish Gene was known for Kfir's exceptional voice, their impressive stage presence and refined sound.

Recently relocated to Hollywood, CA to finish their debut album with great help from producers Dan Long (TV On the Radio, the YeahYeahYeahs ), Paul Mahajan (The National, TV On The Radio) And Malcolm Burn (Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan) And Nadav Katz.

Caveman's sound is the unique result of great songwriting with cutting edge production and programming played by an Israeli super-group , and one thing is for sure-their live show is nothing like the ordinary. .