Caveman Electric

Caveman Electric

 Houston, Texas, USA

Pure rock fury, for the fun of it!


Caveman Electric exploded onto the Houston music scene with a ferocity unmatched by any band in 2010. This high energy rock band is attempting to step up where other local acts have failed and break onto the national scene with the same energy and excitement that have fueled bands like the MC 5 and At the Drive-In. Founded by producer/engineer JW Stokes and childhood friend/guitarist Shane Bryant; the band have gone through a rotating door of musicians and identities until early 2010 when they began collaborating with Peekaboo Theory guitarist/producer, Ramon Wakefield. The addition of drummer Nathan Matthews rounded off the lineup and within six months Caveman has progressed, playing electrifying live shows throughout their local scene, as well as opening for internationally touring band Girl in a Coma, and Austin locals The Black Powder Poets which has given the band a fresh start and energy to make a long awaited push at the national scene.


Perfectly Dysfunctional EP

Set List

Uncle Cletus' Poppy Seed Blues
Leave It Alone
No Control
God's Own Medicine
American Gods
Back In Your Place