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Caveman Theory

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Caveman Theory is proof of Hip Hop's Evolution. The combination of hard hitting boom bap and real life conceptual lyrics makes this group a Hip Hop force to be reckoned with.


Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. Sometimes you get so tired of searching for the right sound that you have to create it yourself. This is Caveman Theory: three emcees (Redd Simpkins, Godamus Rhyme, and Kap) and one DJ (Dolo) who aren’t trying to break the mold so much as force evolution on a culture that has become focused on following formulae. With a combination of quick wit, imaginative concepts, and intelligent lyrics, Caveman Theory hopes to change the image of hip-hop just being rap music. Leading by example, these four are proof that great musical talent cannot be over looked when discovered through the right medium.

Every member of this tribe pulls their own weight on tracks, stage, and behind the scene. Representing Maryland, Godamus Rhyme is a jack-of-all-trades. Playing the roles of emcee, producer, vocalist, engineer, and graphics designer, he wears many hats and none over shine the other. The vocal backbone of the group hailing from the Pacific North West is Redd Simpkins, a charismatic baritone who exudes style effortlessly. Using his clear, powerful voice he captivates listeners with memorable hooks, smooth delivery, and jaw-cracking punch lines. The glue that holds the group together is Kap, a Fort Lauderdale native with a sharp tongue and a thought process well ahead of his time. Last but not least is DJ Dolo, a hip-hop pioneer and Caveman Theory’s solid foundation. Contributing razor sharp cuts, hard hitting instrumentals, and his ability to conduct the Cavemen’s dynamic stage show, Dolo is the final piece to this intricate puzzle.

Though the ink is still wet on the first chapter of this group’s story, there is no doubt they will have a spot in the record books. With the anticipated release of their debut album and a grueling show and tour schedule, you too will soon rock with the Almighty Cavemen. They are not the future; they are a product of the past. This is Caveman Theory. Seek shelter in your headphones and prepare for the days to come.

Artists Performed With:

The Away Team (Hall of Justus)
The Beatnuts (Penalty)
Boot Camp Clik (Duck Down)
Breez Evahflowin (Stronghold)
Cage (Def Jux)
CunninLynguists (Qn5)
DeepSpace5 (Goatee)
Edgar Allen Floe (Shaman Works)
Fat Joe (Atlantic)
Guru of Gang Starr (Virgin)
iCON the Mic King (Uprising)
Immortal Technique (Baby Grande)
Jean Grae (Black Smith Music)
Kenn Starr (Halftooth)
L.E.G.A.C.Y. (Hall of Justus)
Mars Ill (Goatee)
Murs (Record Collection)
PackFM (Qn5)
Pharoah Monch (Rawkus)
Poison Pen (Stronghold)
Sabac Red of Non-Phixion (Uncle Howie)
Sol-illaquists of Sound (Epitaph)
Splash (Amp Truth)
Supastition (Soulspazm)
Talib Kweli (Geffen)
The Weathermen (Def Jux)


Releases and Features:

Caveman Theory - The Stone Quartet (2007 Break'n Records)
Caveman Theory - The Stone Quartet Instrumentals (2007 Break'n Records)
iCON the Mic King - RMM2: C-Notes for the Car Note (2007 IndieGround Records)
Mauikai & DJ Dolo - On the Road EP (2006 Independant)
Caveman Theory - The Cro-Mangon Mixtape Vol.1 (2006 Break'n Records)
Kap - The Two Way Mirror EP (2005 Break'n Records)
DJ Jesse Jazz - Lyrical Warfare: the MOP Mixtape (2005 Full Impact Ent.)
Djimon - Real Sh*t (2005 Handcuts/Universal Records)
iCON the Mic King - Intricate Spectrum (2005 Beyond Space Ent.)
Cashmere the PRO - For the Sidewalks Mixtape (2004 Heavy Nutz)
Dos Noun - Compelling (2004 Manifest Music)
Godamus Rhyme - Cocky Bastard: the bootleg files... (2004 Rhyme Werks) - Bareskin Compilation (2004 HHHS)
Philaflava presents - In A League of Our Own Vol. 2 (2004 Vintage Music)
The Beat Ministry - Volume 1 (2003 Beat Ministry)
Push Button Objects - Ghetto Blaster (2001 Chocolate Industries)
DJ T-Rocks - Who's Your Daddy? (1999 BOMB Records)
Southside Records - Southside In Effect (1998 Southside Records)

Set List

We have a 15, 20 & 30min sets

James Brown Dedication
The Stone Quartet
Funk Box
The Misses
Freestyle Segment 1
For the Music
Freestyle Segment 2
Don't Violate
Freestyle Segment 3
Easy As It Seems
Beat Drop 2
On the Road
Scratch Session
Easy as it Seems

Sets are subject to change