New York City, New York, USA

Pastoral psychedelicism from an industrial wasteland.


Caves form very slowly over long periods of time. Caves hold some of the world’s most precious and beautiful substances, though it is nearly impossible to perceive anything in the total darkness of the cave. CAVES started as the recording project of Zach Shepard in the year of 2005, in the woods of Northern California near Nevada City. Zach had been living in San Francisco and decided to take a year off of city life to compose music in a cabin by a pond, literally. At the end of a year Zach returned to San Francisco to finish his new record, Here is Vision and form a new group. He continued writing and recorded a new record called, A Year of Magic (for beginners), from which comes the EP Face the Wall. He started to vaguely sense that different opportunities awaited him in some other city. So he moved to Brooklyn in November of 2009.

CAVES now live and work in Brooklyn and play pastoral electronica in an industrial wasteland.

In the Spring of 2010, CAVES released the 7" Face the Wall, which came out April 30th. And due out soon is their Fall 7" release titled, The Gold Between.


Here is Vision LP 2006 (self-released)
Face the Wall EP Spring 2010 (self-released)
The Gold Between EP Fall 2010