CAVESLUTS are the first Rock band from the People's Republic of China to release and promote an album on a North American tour. All their lyrics are written in English by band founder, Hu Xiao. The band is currently based in Los Angeles.


Hu Xiao (pronounced "who shall") founded Cavesluts in 1994 while studying English at Shenzhen University in south China.

Cavesluts exhausted all opportunities to have a career playing Rock music in China. Bands are free to play any style of music once their lyrics are approved by the censors. However, the bureaucracy in place prevents bands from marketing or promoting their music or concerts.

They felt fortunate for being able to play government sanctioned festivals in front of crowds of up to 25,000 and for represented China at the Yamaha Asia Band Alert Final in Bangkok, Thailand in 2001; however they knew what was necessary if they wanted to move forward musically.

In pursuit of the dream to play Rock music without restrictions, the band members abandoned lucrative positions in China's current economic boom to make the journey to Los Angeles for a chance to play in front of Western audiences.

The band is being featured on a new reality-based TV show, ROCK IN THE FREE WORLD, that will be shot following the band's journey across North America. This production is being handled by Captured Live who most recently completed Particle's Transformation Live DVD. Shooting is scheduled to begin in September 2005 as the band prepares to embark on their first tour of California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Nevada.

The band appeared as part of the 2006 Chinese New Year celebration ( that was held at the prestigious Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on 1/21/06.

This performance was broadcasted live to more than 500,000 viewers in Chinese-speaking homes in North America via Phoenix-TV satellite carried on DirecTV and Dish Network.

After this exposure, the band played at the Lantern Festival in Monterey Park on 2/11/06 which attracted a large audience from young children with their parents to groups of pre-teens, teens, college student and elderly couples. (

Most recent shows include Los Angeles clubs, Fais Do Do on 4/15 and the Viper Room on 4/22.

The band's short term goals include a tour to promote their self-titled album in North America and Europe.

Brief History
Jing Wen Records, the biggest distributor in China, released Shed No Tears from Cynthia's Libido in their hit compilation Up to You in support of independent music production.

The tireless musicians got into a major-city tour to promote this national release while preparing for their next visit to the U.S. to pursue their musical ideals.

With the help and invitation of Monkeyclaus, they arrived in Charlottesville, VA on October 9. They recorded and self-produced their full length release Cynthia's Libido. On November 7 after playing a 2-hour live set at WTJU, The University of Virginia's college radio station, the Cavesluts debuted at the Tokyo Rose, a club in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Upon finishing the recording in 2002, Cavesluts steamed into promotional over-drive where they continue today. They later confirmed airplay by major university radio stations like UC Berkeley (KALX), Stanford University (KZSU), University of California (KCLA), State University of New York (WUSB), Drexel University (WKDU) and UC San Diego (KSDT).

Cynthia's Libido even made it to top 5 on CMJ (May 13-19, 2002). The band went back to China in Oct. to regroup for their U.S. tour they set up for 2003 but unfortunately found themselves fighting SARS for the better half of the year in China.

In February they represented China at the Asia Band Alert Final in Bangkok, Thailand. In April they churned out 10 more recordings in their home digital studio.

In October recorded 2 songs at the famous Loud Boy Studio in China.

Meanwhile the self-produced video for the song, This Uncertainty was included in Hit magazine and picked up by Macao Satellite TV. Thus the video got aired by over 35 TV/Cable stations that had program distribution agreements with the MSTV.

November 4, won the South China regional Yamaha Asia Band Alert competition sponsored by Yamaha and Parson's Music.

Independently recorded an 8-song demo in their home studio. CD demo was picked up by China's most influential domestic/western rock magazine Modern Sky and made national debut.

In May, Cavesluts played on tour with Swedish punk sensation the International Noise Conspiracy in Guangzhou at the Guangzhou Science Museum Auditorium.

August 17, 1999, played at the monstrous Window of the World theme park. Later led the bill starring at the Pepsi College Music Festival 2000 and rocked a crowd of 25,000 people listening at the World Scope Park in Guangzhou later the next year.

MARKETING NOTES: An in-language campaign is being used to reach our Chinese-speaking fans living in North America. Using Mandarin and Cantonese media outlets, the band has found a niche market without any other competing bands. This has allowed


No Ideas

Written By: Hu Xiao

Please no reasons cos i know all the reasons
Why you keep pacing and why you keep lying
Truth is just too ugly, far too scaring
So you keep fleeing making all the excuses

Don't try to convince me, please, don't, please
I know all the facts you are just about to adduce
The fact so depressing, the mind too confusing
The only truth we know is the lies we tell

You thought you could just do this better
You thought you could just live better

Don’t try to reason, don’t educate us
Don’t lead hearts astray and no more ruthless rites
Don't try to waste me with these confusion
I just wanna remind you how to live a real life
How to live a real life

Don't try to help me, don't try to save me
Don't try to stuff me, don't you ever love me
I believe in feelings i believe in nature
I just grow up stupid there’s no ideas

You thought you could just make this better
You thought you could just live better

Maybe one day you’ll come to see, the beauty o’ life fade away
Maybe one day you’ll believe in me then kill the liars in the fire

Palace Backyard

Written By: Hu Xiao

Let's have some fun, in the palace alone
In drizzling rain and sun, by the lotus ponds

Will the ladies pick some evergreens Will the artists paint some deer skins
Let the princess chase her ducklings Choose some vases for our loved king!

Oh, forever is not so long!
Pink daisies and plums Gold drapes and imported camel humps
When the moon rides high
Come the courtship song
Will the cranes flap some graceful wings
Will the archer shoot thru the finger ring
Will the eunuch please escort the queen
Thru the swarms of the mistresses of our king

In the years to come We’ll scatter around
In the blazing sun Our pieces will be found All the royal ex-es Are pleasing rebel’s sons
And the regal courtyard Is where the king plunges

Years in a Hole

Written By: Hu Xiao

I was never aware of their cruel intentions
I was never prepared for this kind of attentions
In daytimes I lie but I can’t see at night
In whirlwinds I gaze. In poor health I try

Undecided I run as soon as the lights go down
Uninvited I come before I find out where I belong

Baby I need love. I’m too alone
All the shacks I see makes me wanna leave
All the torn down scenes leave no room for humanity
All the news are sifted. We never get the truth
Cats and dogs are caged.
Wild creatures come as food

I detested it but I’m lame as long as I thought I had faith
Inebriated as I look I just won’t wake up to another day

A world like ain’t worth saving
When people ain’t working they are breeding

Undecided I run as soon as the lights go down
Uninvited I come before I find out where I belong
Undecided I run as soon as the lights go down
Uninvited I come before I find out where I belong


Cavesluts self-titled LP will be released in 2007. A tour is being planned in support of this album.

Set List

The band's typical set list for a headlining show runs from 80 to 100 minutes including encores. Their songs consist mainly of originals but they also play some cover songs.

Original Songs:
Alone with Silence
Be Careful
Birthday Lost
Civil Lies Ation
Elle La Second
Fall from Grace
Four Months With Penny
Never Funny Story
No Ideas
Palace Backyard
Questions of Me
Shed No Tears
The Oldest Song

Cover Songs:
Changes - David Bowie
Come Together - Spritualized
Fascination Street - The Cure
Pictures of You - The Cure
You - Radiohead