Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
DuoHip HopPop

Caviart is a DJ Duo With a mix of hip-hop, 70's music, and Philadelphia Soul. With fresh lyrics, unforgettable melodies, and the cutting edge Talkbox aspect, Caviart is guaranteed to leave their mark on any stage.


CAVIART is a DJ duo comprising Dannie Phantom and V-Shawn. Hailing from Philadelphia, the duo met in the high school band sharing production tips and common likes of music.After years of collaboration and college experience Dannie & V-Shawn began to discover their own sound.

"The Garden" EP is the debut project, wherein all songs are self produced, written and engineered. After a year's worth of loving and learning, experiencing and experimenting, and ultimately finding the music within themselves.


A Little Bit (Single) 2014

"The Garden"Deluxe Ep (December 2015)

Set List

1. Miss Delaware

2. A Little Bit

3. Girls

4. Jasmine

5. Feeling

6. Sunshine