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"Cavorts Jagermeister Music Tour"

They’re lucky to be in the north. If this was a London gig; they’d be playing to no sod at seven o’clock! The third full auditorium is lucky to see these guys. This is CAVORTS first show apparently, but those in the know, are aware that these guys have been going for some time both on a local and national level in various bands and incarnations since the late 90’s; Sunlounger, Purple>Sticky>Punch, Errander and most recently the quite successful G.U. Medicine. After, vocalist Lee departed last year, guitarist Ryan stood in and the whole dynamic of the band changed drastically.

Although each version of the band had been described as dirty, heavy, groove laden rock n fucking roll, Cavorts are much, much rawer. If GUM were dangling their rock and roll balls in your face, then CAVORTS are smashing your face in with them.

Each song takes the grooviest elements of Mastodon, the unrepentant rock and roll of Therapy? and the energetic technicality of Refused. ‘Say Something to Someone Else is a highlight; showing that only a few songs in that they can 100% turn an unfamiliar crowd, even if the sound mix wasn’t top notch.

SCORE: 8/10 - Alternative Barnsley

"Cavorts Digital Release of Times Told"

Some bands ease into the spotlight. Others walk out on stage and earn it with equal measures grit and cold hard presence. The latest addition to Toronto’s Distort Records exemplifies the latter. The UK-based Cavorts has already climbed the ranks of the punk-rock scene, opening the Jägermeister Music 2012 Tour earlier this year at the Leeds O2 Academy. The band members Dale Evans (Guitar/Vocals), Richard Murray (Drums), Ryan Senior (Guitar/Vocals), and Rik Whitehead (Bass/Vocals) are a suave contrast of contemporary metal and classical genius.

At first glance they stand for everything punk, but there’s a diversity to their sound that pervades their music, lying just below the surface. It’s a sub-current inhabited by sharks, and each song is a predator on the hunt, getting closer to its prey. Cavort is a band that appreciates the build – that indescribable stacking of rhythm that, when it reaches its climax, has you thrashing your head to its beat.

Take my word for it, these lads will squeeze your adrenal glands.

Their new EP titled Times Told will be digitally available on iTunes and Bandcamp October 2, 2012 and features four original tracks, including “Pig Of Ballast”, “Make It Suffer”, “The Way”, and “Save Some Things”. It’s no wonder Distort has picked them up – high-tempo riffs accompany the electric-percussive rage that fans of Alexisonfire, The Bronx, and the Cancer Bats have grown to love, but these four Yorkshire boys have deposited their own unique bend of punk-rock. They’ve brought it back to its origins. In a riotous way. This fall they’ll keep the momentum going when they play support for the Dragon Force ‘The World Within’ Tour in the UK Sept. 29, Oct. 1, and Oct. 6.

No telling yet when they’ll debut in North America, but keep your ear to ground. You’ll hear them coming. - Unnomdeguerre

"Dragonforce, Alestorm, Defiled & Cavorts – Manchester Academy 5th October 2012"

Cavorts hit the stage with a rumble and throb that seamlessly blended punk and hardcore influences with metal growls and a furious backbeat that set the scene for the evening’s festivities. The power and force demonstrated by the band belief their bill opening slot and were clearly winning over the rapidly filling venue. A short but sweet (or actually quite brutal!) opening act – I can still feel the thrum of the bass shaking my guts now. - Rock Zone

"DragonForce + Alestorm + The Defiled + Cavorts @The Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton"

Opening the show were Barnsley’s Cavorts, who, despite their relatively early start time of 7:20pm, they still had some enthusiastic fans in the crowd. Their short five song set of hardcore metal laced with heavy riffs and punk influences ended with the crowd applause and a great set to warm us up. - The Midlands Rocks

"DragonForce / Alestorm / The Defiled / Cavorts"

Doors opening at six for a gig at the 02 is always a tricky one when you work until after five. Yet opening band Cavorts, formerly the mighty GU Medicine, didn’t have to worry about playing to an empty venue as they cranked up the volume as their music burst out the speakers. By the time they graced the stage the venue was full enough for people to show their true appreciation of Cavorts’ rock tones. The four-piece rumbled and growled their way through their set. Solid beats and reverb combined to create a sound that is raw and succinct; a sound that owns a stage. Cavorts’ rock core is strong and powerful; combine that with a flashing light show and you have a band that will plant a firm stamp in your memory. - Live-Music-Scene

"CD Review - Cavorts - Times Told"

Cavorts are part of this oncoming storm of metal bands currently hailing from the greatness that is the United Kingdom. Following the footsteps of bands that have unfortunately split, such as the The Ghost Of A Thousand and The Plight is where Cavorts' musical career begins. The 'Times Told' EP has been quickly assembled and I'm not sure on how they've done it but Cavorts have even scored themselves a massive tour with DragonForce, Alestorm, and The Defiled.

The genre is punk-rock, so you can expect an array of speedy riffs, thundering drumming and shouting vocals. Whilst some may argue that the punk rock scene is a dying breed - Cavorts fight back to prove otherwise. EP opener 'Save Some Things' is a rioting, epic and at times heavily melodic track, which leaves the listener in desperation to continue listening. The vocals are perhaps my favourite contribution to the song, and EP in general. This is because of the similarities between The Plight's vocalist, and it kind of makes up for The Plight's split knowing that Cavorts would make a decent replacement for me.

'The Way' spins out of control with an eccentric and abused riff and just imagining the guitarist playing this opening riff I could see him spazzing out around the room. The vocals provide a more diverse effect on this song, but are still heavy as heck. The final two tracks tend to drag after the first two because the variation on the EP isn't as creative as I would have liked. However since Cavorts have only been together for a very short time, and have already gotten onto that goliath tour I simply could not complain.

Unlike most underground genres, every instrument here stands out, even the bass which normally goes unheard in modern rock/metal. The EP is onto a winner on the standards that whoever hears it will enjoy what their listening to. Even if you're not a fan of the genre, or the shouted vocals, I still think people would become satisfied when hearing Cavorts' efforts. I can picture big things from this fresh band after the DragonForce tour, and I wouldn't want that to change because Cavorts have earned their sound from this great sounding EP. - Live-Music-Scene

"DragonForce "The Power Within" Tour Manchester Review"

Hardcore new comers Cavorts hit us hard with their raw punk fuelled metal, The Barnsley 4 Piece have been on the full tour with Dragonforce and I don’t think they’d quite got over it as they came across genuinely proud to be playing along side their fellow metallers. They played tracks from their new debut EP “Times Told”, a blasting of pure raw passion and I’m sure they gained some new fans! - Manchester Rocks

"DragonForce, Alestorm, The Defiled, Cavorts @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire – 06/10/12"

Dear Shepherd’s Bush Empire, you owe Cavorts [3/5] one audience! Thanks to the venue’s baffling multi-pronged queuing strategy (a harrowing Kafkaesque experience, judging by some of the angry comments heard at the bar), the Barnsley boys take to the stage to an almost empty room. This is a pity because, while they may not be the most original sound in town, the band’s blend of Motorhead-meets-Cancer Bats punk-n-roll works pretty well in a live setting. It’s nice to see members of some of the other bands checking them out from the audience, and they and the rest of the crowd are rewarded with an energetic, swaggering performance that wins over a fair few new friends. Set highlight ‘Save Some Things’ gets the first big clap along of the night, and helps ease the tensions of those who have made it inside. - One Metal


Times Told (EP) - October 2012
"Pigs Of Ballast" played on BBC Introducing



Hailing from Barnsley, UK, Ryan Senior, Dale Evans, Richard Murray and Rik Whitehead played their first ever gig as Cavorts opening the stage on the Jägermeister Music Tour 2012, at the Leeds O2 Academy, with Skindred, Therapy? and Black Spiders to a sold out crowd of 2700 crazed rockers. Following their unforgettable and solid performances, the band were hand-picked to tour the UK earlier this fall with the almighty DragonForce.

Capturing the hi-octane, balls-out spirit of rock and roll, championed by the likes of The Bronx & Cancer Bats, these four rowdy British lads worship at the altar of the riff, perfecting punk with that grooved-out Southern flair, making for anthems you can sink completely your teeth into.

Their debut EP, 'Times Told', was recorded and produced by the renowned Steve Ellis (3 Stages Of Pain, Errander, Steel Trees). The first single, 'Pig of Ballast', was mixed by Jason Sanderson who has previously worked with Rolo Tomassi, 65 Days Of Static, and Ginger Wildheart, to name but a few. Released in October and met with rave reviews, the band were picked up by Distort, with a Canadian release of the EP avaliable through all major digital outlets.
Cavorts are clearly already making a big impression on the industry at large, so it's pretty hard to believe the band have only been on the scene for mere months. It's already been one hell of a ride and to think, they're only just getting started.