Cayce Rose and the Mind Games
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Cayce Rose and the Mind Games

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"Mario Matteoli - Golden State Review"

"Mario Matteoli, known for a rollicking six-year run fronting twanggrassers The Weary Boys, has quickly shown the frenzied pony ride was just a jumping point. Where Weary Boys relied on blazing fast solos and backwoods mayhem, Golden State—Matteoli's second solo release—is a compositional masterpiece: warm melodies, absorbing refrains, and mighty fine playing while visiting an array of Americana genres with one cohesive sound.

Opener "Baby Cayce" carries a bright, poppy Jayhawks-meets-Warren Zevon piano and acoustic guitar accentuated by claps. Matteoli's yearning, Dust Bowl delivery is the anchor to the Van Zandt-Dylan-Hank Sr. triumvirate that remains an underlying influence throughout. "Bleeding My Heart" is achingly perfect. An almost-oldies melody leads to an organ-drenched chorus with Matteoli coming close to falsetto atop an ever so subtle background chorus. The short solos here, as throughout, build and reload the drama, being part of a whole rather than a skills showoff. Matt Hubbard quietly provides much of the albums beauty on piano, organ, mellotron, and trombone.

Perhaps most surprising, almost the entire album—from front cover to back cover and the music in between—is a love project to girlfriend Cayce Marsh. Surprising because music history is rife with brilliant artists watering things down to inject their lover into the music. Matteoli, however, harnessed the power to create his best start-to-finish listen to date. Marsh is used just enough to be a fresh attribute here and there, usually as harmony vocals. "Best Friend" and "You Follow Yours" could have fallen into sap, but the pair's chemistry is rich and they gel into standouts. "You Follow Yours" in particular, with Matteoli's Young-Petty harmonica molding perfectly with Hubbard's organ, inspires a few turns on repeat. Marsh's most prominent role is on the call and response "Got You Baby," where she exudes a charming, lack-of-polish quality that sneaks in a fleeting thought of a Meg and Jack White duet. "



Mirror Remixed -- in the final stages of pressing
Mirror -- in the final stages of recording



Cayce Matteoli has been performing music around Austin, TX since the young age of thirteen when she sang background vocals with her older brother's rock band.

Her first band, Lechuza, a psychadelic rock group heavily influenced by the Brian Jonestown Massacre, received great reviews and even featured Willie Nelson on guitar on a track.

Cayce Rose and the Mind Games formed in 2008, but didn't really take off until Cayce collaborated efforts with (((s.o.v.))), a Malibu based production duo. After recording a full length album at (((s.o.v.))) studios, Cayce allowed them to have full reign to remix any of the songs recorded. Which leads us to now. There are two ways to listen to the songs of Cayce Rose & the Mind Games--as amazing electronic remixed songs, like "Blackbird (remix)" which gives a nod to Motown, or "Mirror (remix)" featuring Cayce's vocal and an opera singer providing the only background music. Or you can listen to the raw, live version with amazing retrospective guitar solos from Cayce's husband, Mario Matteoli and perfect harmonies sung by the duo such as in the song, "Flowers Only Grow."