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The best kept secret in music


"Your Atoms Are Laughing Album Review (Rocksound)"

It can only be a good thing that Cayto's album begins with a creation that's flown straight out of Badly Drawn Boy's 'to consider' pile. But if 'C'mere' is the uppity piano-led number that shows a band at perfect ease with its own unorthodoxy, then it's the downbeat lyric-free beauty of 'Dirge (II)', the bizzarely meandering 'The Head of a Pin' or the guitar thrash of 'God is Love' in which their serious side shines through to awe-inspiring effect. It's experimental music stripped down to let the bare bones of talent protrude in all their gory glory, and show a Glasgow four-piece unafraid to stare reality in the face via politically relevant lyrics. And at just seven tracks long, they do the phrase 'the best things come in small packages' proud. After all, it's seven tracks that could just be vital.

- Rocksound Magazine

"Your Atoms Are Laughing Album Review (W&H)"


- Genre: 'Rock' - Release Date: '27/1/03'- Catalogue No: 'HPR003CD'

It's difficult NOT to warm to a band who can be bothered to write up a manifesto in these couldn't-be-arsed times, but this writer couldn't fail to be intrigued by especially two of CAYTO'S self-imposed rules: namely "call no idea too extreme, stupid or complicated" and (great!) "hate your instrument."

So, just who are CAYTO then? Well, they're only one of the brightest hopes to come from north of the border that your battle-scarred hack has clapped ears on in recent times. And this - their debut mini-album - features seven reasons to be cheerful/ scared shitless (delete as applicable).

Make no mistake: CAYTO are different. Indeed, "Your Atoms Are Laughing" is one multi-headed hydra of a sonic beast, and its' sheer diversity may be too overwhelming a prospect for the faint-hearted. Dig in, though, and this impressive quartet's penchant for diamond-hard musicianship soon shines through.

Touchstones are many and varied. The powerful, circular piano'n'guitar motifs of the opening "C'mere" bring to mind Radiohead (in less abstract times) fronted by a gravel-gobbling Ewan MacGregor; the gentle, melodic meandering of "Dirge 2" recalls Talk Talk or last year's unsung heroes Lorien and the mesmeric, trip hop-py intro to "The Head Of A Pin" initially reminds of the second Portishead album.

CAYTO are the masters of throwing a curve, though. In fact, "The Head Of A Pin" soon develops into a jauntily scary post-apocalyptic storyboard (with added clarinet) as Paul Henry's frighteningly cool narrative (like a less pished Aidan Moffatt) turns GDP numbers into stark reality. The ensuing "Archimedes" is the one that truly raises eyebrows, however. Kicking in via some suitably deranged George Dubya samples, CAYTO shine up their thrash credentials and ride off into the holocaust sounding more like Suicidal Tendencies than The Smiths.
But that's the kind of record "Your Atoms Are Laughing" is. Although it employs laid-back pastoral post-rock passages en route, it's liable to give you a jolt if you threaten to get TOO comfortable. Besides, it also has the genius to sign off with "God Is Love", where CAYTO employ both moody atmosphere and the sort of full-blown grandiosity that would make Muse wet themselves.

By turns restrained, theatrical and utterly mental, this is a fine and often startling debut salvo from this promising Scottish quartet. "Your Atoms Are Laughing" huh? Maybe. But CAYTO are pulling the fins from the bomb.

(Tim Peacock) - Whisperin' and Hollerin'

- Whisperin' & Hollerin'

"Morning Single Review (DiS)"

They say there are two sides to every story, and where this single is concerned the hammer couldn't have made a more succinct connection with the old nine-inch scrub of shrapnel.
The title track, 'Morning', boasts the most haunting piano riff since Gorky's' 'Sweet Johnny', while it's prophetic lullaby would work wonders against Satan if Mogwai were to ever re-embark on that particular piece of work and add lyrics.

Flip the seven-inch over and you're greeted with the splenetic bombast of 'Warning', a homogenic relative of both Idlewild's 'Chandelier' and Sonic Youth's 'Silver Rocket' that sounds like it was recorded in Steve Albini's wrought iron coal bunker and siphened through the drains.

Having followed the trail from Glasgow with consumate ease, Cayto look well on their way to establishing themselves alongside the likes of da 'wai and da 'wild.

The burning question is, which route do they ultimately take?

- Dom Gourlay (Drowned In Sound)
- Drowned In Sound

"Morning Single Review (W&H)"

CAYTO were turning heads round here with the brain-scouring intensity and magpie eclecticism of their magnificent debut album "Your Atoms Are Laughing" early in 2003, so it's good to discover - after a hiatus and a change of label - that they've lost none of the venom, intelligence and inspiration in the meantime.

It's ridiculous to view "Morning" as a 'comeback', but it IS a forceful reminder of Cayto's widescreen ambition, invention and sheer power. Starting out tricksy and brooding, it encompasses big, sweeping grand piano, a drifting classical aspiration and the kind of cavernous execution that only the likes of Muse and Oceansize can pull off. The fact it's offset by a slurringly malevolent vocal from Paul Henry and spot-on production from Arab Strap/ Franz Ferdinand producer Geoff Allan hardly hinders its' chances either. Excellent, in a word.

B-side "Warning" pulls off a typical Cayto KO. After the drifting grandiosity of "Morning," this is the cold bucket of water in the face treatment to bring us rapidly back down to earth. Sure, it's not as mental as "Archimedes" from the debut, but it's still entirely full-on and rocks like a critter from the wrong side o' the blanket. All of which only induces you to succumb to the bugger again.

Proffering a silken handshake, a table at the best restaurant and then an unceremonious kicking behind the gasworks, these two tracks are Cayto at their brilliantly unpredictable best. Can't wait for that second album. 8/10

- Tim Peacock (Whisperin & Hollerin)
- Whisperin' and Hollerin'

"Live Review, Sub Club, Glasgow (Rocksound)"

CAYTO - The Sub Club, Glasgow.

Psychedelic projections and red scorching lights may create a bohemian ambience, but Cayto are less about stage dramatics and more about musical dynamics, focusing more on sculpturing great shapes with their accopmlished and genre-jumping musical sounds. Although thief eclectic fusion of jazz-punk and pop art-rock is quite unique, in their more reflective moments there are definite shades of Radiohead that colour their every-in-flux avant-garde sound, particularly in 'The Bastard' and 'Friar Tuck'. But it's by the airing of 'Morning' that you are aware that you are witnessing something special. It's and ebbing and flowing maelstrom of soaring harmonies, tinkling piano and disjointed beats that is all-encapsulating, with closer 'God is Love' simply stunning. A band so wrapped up in their own unique world of creative energy that they might just explode.

Duncan Bryceland - Rocksound Magazine

"Live Review, T in the Park Festival"

Cayto - T in the Park 2003

Cayto are the only band from the original T Break showcase I attended at The Liquid Room
in Edinburgh to make the final cut, and they definetly deserve their place at T in the Park.
The set's a multi-faceted beast, and they display and intentive eclecticism that, while
sporadically frustrating, is ultimately rewarding. Softer moments hint at the same lilting
meander as Badly Drawn Boy, something that wasn't quite as evident last time.
Nonetheless, Cayto are an intriguing band that, I suspect, will be worth keeping tabs on,
if only to see where they go from here.

Greg Smyth - Sunday Herald

"Morning Single Review (Manilla)"


Cayto are a four piece Glasgow based band who specialise in the unusual. When they visited Manilla last year they brought us their beautiful Your Atoms Are Laughing album and we loved it...especially Head Of a Pin. This year they have left us their forthcoming single Morning...thank you Cayto for another wonderful gift.

Cayto succeed effortlessly in sublime offerings. Morning swings from the melody of Coldplay and Badly Drawn Boy to the extreme of say Muse. Lead singer Paul can move between sing in your ear soft vocals to raw power and he carries of both with ease. Saying you cannot categorise Cayto is not a lazy copout, the band switch influences and styles second by second throughout the song but manage not to make a mismatch of sounds.You cannot imagine Cayto leaving the studio unless every aspect of their masterpiece is complete...this is perfection in CD form.

Visit I promise they are one of the most taleneted bands in the universe...well have you heard this weeks no.1 in the Jupiter Top 40?

Tony McGonagh - Manilla Magazine (Issue 15 - August 2004)
- Manilla Magazine

"Morning Single Review (stayfun)"

Beautiful expanses of melodic expression, and a piano line strong enough to lull anyone into falling gently asleep on their feet open up ‘Morning’, the lead track from this 7” single. Splattered chaotically with indie-jazz-rock across all four walls, Cayto lay in wait, ready to drag you with them into some weird world - a world that only they know and can control.

A tireless flip, the needle is down, and here is ‘Warning’ the b-side – another gem on its own. It’s a balls-out venture of true indie-rock, ready to grab you, throw you to the ground and make you listen. And of course you accept. In fact you are glad, sprawled out on the ground and being assaulted by this song and this band.

Cayto go from strength to strength from every passing day it seems, and I truly hope YOU are listening too.

Ian Robinson (


"Your Atoms Are Laughing" (Hackpen Records HPR003CD) - CD mini-album released 27th January 2003

"Morning" (Rictus Records RICTUS001) - 7" single released Monday 2nd August 2004

"!Blunderbuss (Rictus Records RICTUS003CD) - CD Album released Monday 7th November 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Cayto are a four-piece band from Scotland who play a very contemporary brand of punk rock, with articulate classical and jazz leanings and a striking and unusual emotional intensity. They have released two albums. Cayto recently played South By SouthWest 2006 in Austin, Texas, and are now back in Glasgow writing material for their next release and preparing for a tour of the UK.


In 2002 Cayto released a mini-album entitled A Sin of Adult Swimming on small Scottish label Satan's Shoestring Budget and promoted it locally in Glasgow. The album was quickly picked up by English label Hackpen Records and rereleased as Your Atoms are Laughing in 2003. Critically lauded in the UK, France and Japan, it also achieved some underground popularity in Russia (being selected by independent label association AIM and Russian organisation Soyuz from over 500 albums released in 2003 to be intensively promoted throughout Russia). YAAL was promoted via a string of UK tours and is still selling well.

Over 2003-2005 the band wrote and recorded debut album !Blunderbuss! using funds awarded to them by the Scottish Arts Council (they were the first band in Scotland to be awarded SAC funding to write material). It was released on Rictus Records in November 2005 to rave reviews and predictions in the press that Cayto will emulate bands like Radiohead in propelling relatively 'difficult' leftfield music into the mainstream. They are already at work on their 3rd album.

Cayto have toured the UK several times since 2002, cementing their steadily growing fanbase. They have played festivals such as T in the Park in (Balado, Scotland), the Truck Festival (Oxford, England), and In The City (Manchester, England) as well as headlining the PRS stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The band have supported British acts such as Biffy Clyro, The Futureheads, yourcodenameis:milo., Aereogramme, and !Forward Russia!, and American artists Regina Spektor and the Paperchase. Cayto are steadily building a reputation as a dynamic, exciting and unpredictable live act.

In 2005-06 Cayto have also begun to take their music further afield, with frontman Paul Henry recently performing the band's work in Denmark after being chosen by the PRS Foundation as one of five British writers to participate in a songwriting residency there (Paul also performed with Danish artist Lise Westzynthius who is contracted to One Little Indian records). Paul received further Scottish Arts Council funding last year in recognition of his songwriting skills and to aid in their development.

In March 2006 Cayto played 3 different shows at SXSW in Texas, gaining a large amount of new interest from international labels, publishers and agents. Since the festival !Blunderbuss! has been released in Japan to a very promising response, and releases in Australia and various European countries such as Germany are being negotiated.

Cayto plan to release a new single in October 2006, followed by a new album in January 2007.

Cayto are:

Paul Henry (voice , piano, guitar, bass, computers),
Nobby (guitar, bass),
Jamie Thomson (drums),
Jack Henrie (keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals). ??