Big sound with anthemic songs, atmospheric ballads and stadium-sized choruses. Band consists of professional, focused and resourceful band members, with industry experience, high internal work mentality and big ambitions. Ability to see the big picture and think long-term. Domestic success!


Cazadores from up North Norway play elegant, jagged and edgy rock music, somewhere between the mainstream garish of The Killers and the underground indulgence of The Cure. They carry a strong arsenal of anthemic songs and atmospheric ballads, which they deliver with exuberant confidence, ferocious attitude and an honest heart. The music sway between towering layers of guitars and stadium-sized choruses which pay homage to musical influences such as The Strokes, The Arcade Fire and The Maccabees. Cazadores have a unique and constantly expanding sound, but they are first and foremost an amazing live band.


Lightyears EP (20.01.2012)
Islands EP (27.04.2012)
Hyperion Days (23.11.2012)