Cazart! exibits driving melodic rock with powerful, catchy hooks, critiquing the hurried and materialistic world. The bass leads an intricate and vigorous rhythm that is complemented by complex ghost notes on the drums. The jazz-like vocals flow deeply and smoothly over uniquely vintage guitars.


Steming from the iron city, Cazart, made their start playing at smokey local bars in the south side of Pittsburgh. Without having very much of a following, the band found it hard bringing people to the shows, however, after their first show in June of 2005, Cazart madness had hit least a small percentage of it. They immediatly started opening for national acts at Mr. Smalls, a church converted into a large music venue and skatepark. After a freak accident on that very stage, involving an ungrounded bass amp and a wicked volt of electricity, Cazart changed paths from being a steady rock band to a driving melodic rock band. After that near death experience of their bassist, it was reluctantly decided by Cazart's leader and main songwriter to revamp the entire band and bring in musicians that would add to a vision of complete perfection and creativity. After the new line-up was ready to play live, which didn't take long, Cazart took the stage at Pittsburgh best live music club, Club Cafe, and wowed the audience. They were asked back many times.
Cazart combine driving melodies, peerless songwriting, and refined musicianship to form a sound that can assuredly be described as an experience on the cusp of the creatively unique. They are a veritable factory of new songs and catchy melodies held together with impassioned lyrics.
Most bands will attempt to compare themselves to others, and their music – sometimes even their names – reflect just that, but Cazart would rather concentrate their time on playing their own way, with a certain professional attitude towards musical foresight; the band knows that the only road to follow would be that of originality, where a musical experience can be created without influence as their own. Cazart are the up and coming band to listen for, and are currently working towards producing their first EP, and soon after, their second, both of which are untitled as of yet. Look for them to be performing at local venues, and extending their area of play to wherever their music may take them. Pay attention! They’re spitting gold here, baby!


We are currently working on our EP that is due out at the beginning of summer. We have been asked to make a better quality recording in order to be suitable for the airwaves.

Set List

Still Have My Soul
Rodeo Clowns
Rolling On
Off the Beaten Track
Culai Fest
That’s Me
Get me away from here
Story of a Girl
All I want is You
Nothin’ to Say
The Letter
Our Days


Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
Circles- Soul Coughing
Rodeo Clowns- Jack Johnson
Get me away from here- Belle and Sebatian