Purveyors of Joyfunk: A blend of progressive rock, funk, folk, and jam fusion, resulting in an original and unavoidably danceable sound.


Distilled from the smooth flowing backwaters of the Black Warrior river, CBDB brings their brand of Joyfunk to the masses. With a blend of progressive rock, funk and folk - steeped in the undulating rhythms of jam fusion CBDB manages to stand out and create an amazingly original sound in a sea of normality. The result... an unmistakably danceable sound that you'll be singing in your head for weeks after.

Combining heavy improvisation with detailed composition, CBDB's live performances garner high praise from audiophiles and casual observers alike.


phone.keys.wallet -debut album 11.13.12
available on itunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/phone.keys.wallet./id569500079)