Michael Hall

Michael Hall


Michael Hall, is one of the most wanted fiddlers on the Cape Breton Scene!


Michael Hall - Bio

Born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, Mike Hall was introduced to music by his father, a man with French Acadian roots who had a passion for the subject. By the time he was eight Mike was playing the accordion and getting his first exposure to Celtic music by listening to a variety of Scottish and Irish tunes while developing a French Acadian style to his playing.

He received his first fiddle at the age of thirteen and quickly became enamoured with the music of Cape Breton players like Natalie MacMaster, Howie MacDonald, Jerry Holland, Brenda Stubbert and Ashley MacIsaac, all musicians who had readily available commercial recordings.

It wasn’t until he made his first visit to Cape Breton in 2001 that Mike realized the depth of the culture and sheer volume of the music. This experience drew him back to the island repeatedly, culminating with a permanent move in 2008. For him, Cape Breton is now home. A chance meeting with Cheticamp pianist Jason Roach during his initial visit has lead to engagements across Cape Breton and Mainland Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New England and beyond.

His precise and lively style is perfect for dancers and welcomed by listeners, and this has continued to make him a popular player for house parties, dances, concerts and festivals.

Michael Hall has now released his first Cd "Mike Hall - A legacy not to be forgotten", backed by Joel Chaisson on Piano, which allows fans all around to listen to his unbelievable drive to the Cape Breton fiddle tradition.


“He has a lift to his playing that makes you take notice. He had the dancers on the floor early and they stayed there all night, appreciating every note of every tune. He may not be that well-known yet but he certainly will be shortly.” - Dan MacDonald, Entertainment columnist, Cape Breton Post

"My first thoughts when I heard Mike's playing were - Damn, I wish I could play like that! I havent enjoyed a record out of the Cape Breton music scene as much as Mike's in the last 17 years, since a Buddy MacMaster recording. I have to say if this what New Bruinswick can produce, I might have to move there." - Ashley MacIsaac, World Renowned Celtic Fiddler


Jerry Holland Jr.


Debut Fiddle Album "Mike Hall - A Legacy not to be forgotten"

Celtic Colours International Festival Compilation CD (Odyssey Records ~ 2009)

Set List

The repertoire is mostly traditional, and celtic music from Cape Breton, Scotland, Ireland and of course Mike Hall's own compositions!