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10th octobre 2009
La folie a quelque chose de bon. Et si ce grain de folie totalement positif se retrouvait incarné en une seule et même entité ce serait dans Crazy Boys Generation. Ce groupe produit un rap festif, positif et conscient. Il faudrait être mort pour que cette phrase ne vous interpelle pas. Allez sur le MySpace de Crazy Boys Generation et écoutez Banm Men feat Negus Okai & Bennchoumy. Alors, vous vous rendrez compte que si vous aviez perdu confiance en l’humanité, cela reviendra de suite. GO.
Ecrit dans : Rap hip hop - promotion musique


Illusion,banm men



If some people would like to see them unbridgeable, the borders have no more big
meaning today. The cultures may be exported, become established far from their
compost of origin. People also travel. They navigate according to time, imperatives
and urge. The nation learns to know the Diaspora, this small sister who owes her
everything, but who so much has to teach her. The group C.B.G (Crazy Boys
Generation), it is all this: cultures which meet, fates which collide and allow a new

The Group C.B.G (Crazy Boys Generation) originated in 2006 in Geneva in the
tour of 3 old friends, Antoine Alouidor alias T-one, Joelby Jean alias Jlb Tafia,
Yannick Dje alias Y.Dje. They are fascinated by musics since their youngest age and
feeling the need to express their personal experiences in a artistic way.
Having looked for a long time their musical style, they naturally turned worm a
festive RAP, Positive and conscious. During year 2008, the group C.B.G has grows
passing from 3 to 7 members.

Carry out · Participation with numerous concerts and festivals, in Switzerland and in
nearby France, for projects such as the festival Tambour Battant, the house of
District of Thonex.

· Numerous collaborations with artists Hip-hop in Switzerland France, the
USA, such as Bee, Lasco Leprince, KM KAMIKAZE, MC SNAP, NEGUS, T-Man

· Several participations to social or cultural projects, such as workshops of
dance " breakdance " and " krump ".

· Participation and animation in the graduation ceremony for the apprentices
of schools MIGROS
Musical style Their musical style it is the RAPSIN, this style distances itself from what is usually
made in the Hip-hop worldwide. This unique(only) style comes in party of the fact
that the group is a mixture of the Haitian, Swiss and African cultures.

There goal The realization of the album is finished and to throw(launch) to best the exit(release)
of this album, C.B.G wishes to make a series of shows in July, August in the course
of which they will sell and will sign their album to the public in four corners(places)
of the country.