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Take me home
Die without you

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Take me home


Feeling a bit camera shy


C-Block is one of the UK’s most talented upcoming singer, songwriter and producer hailing from the rocks of Jamaica. He was always exposed to music from an early age (thanks to his dad who was also a recording artist back then).He used to find himself messing with all types of musical instruments and car stereo, basically anything that makes music, C-Block was interested in it. It finally became clear to him when he migrated to the UK that music was his calling. He remembers his first time walking into a recording studio (AREA 52 RECORDING STUDIO) and the vibe it gave him, “it was like moving on to the next level”, and even with his nine to five job, he decided this was the road made for him. He finds music as his escape route from all the psychosis in life and the day to day suffering and so he tries in his own way to inspire those around him to keep going. He has now has started looking at his career in a different light and peeping out from the underground unto the mainstream market.

C-Block’s work is very diverse with different elements of R & B, reggae, slow jams, pop and acoustics. His current tracks including ‘baby don’t go’ and ‘so sick’ remix featuring Savana has being getting recognition and airplay all over the UK. C-Block has performed at various different locations including venues in London, Nottingham and Wolverhampton with some of the best line up of artists.

C-Block describes his music is positive, creative and uplifting. His natural vocal ability is better than the best out there and still being fine tuned. Drawing aspects of his daily life, his musical ability flows naturally and he usually doesn’t have to dig too deep to find his inspiration for his songs. C-Block is very much involved in what he does and his passion lies within his music. His unique soul-filled blend will uplift and motivate any music lover taking them to a new level.

C-Block is currently working hard in the studio on some hot new tracks including ‘miles away’ and ‘crumz’ which he will use as one of his tools to achieve huge success and recognition as this will highlight his superb talent. For the past two years he has been steadily improving and focusing on his musical career and development. He currently has a collaboration tracks that are now being sold on itunes titled ‘take me home’ and ‘die without you’

C-Block hopes to expose the depth of hard work through his thrilling performances and releases. He also hopes that many will find inspiration within his music. C-Block simply is one for the times we are living in and with a message for everyone; “TIME IS THE MASTER”.