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Columbus, Ohio, United States

Columbus, Ohio, United States
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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Single "Love is Like Math" is on Itunes, Amazon On Demand iTunes U.S. iTunes Australia/N.Z. iTunes Canada iTunes UK/European Union iTunes Japan, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, IMVU, Amazon MP3 Lala, Shockhound, LimeWire, Store, "Love is Like Math is in regular rotation on Jango radio,and large and in charge internet radio, "Love Is Like Math" is streaming on last.fm, rhapsody, and emusic.



Whether you call it a "gift or "talent" or "a calling," the fact is stars are born. If you ask any of the "stars" in our watchful eye today. They would say "faith "hard work" and "determination" got them there. The industry's latest star born "Boyd"- C.Boyd that is- knew at the age of 5, he was born to be a star.

" I am a very competitive guy, very athletic. I always thought that passion would lead me to the NFL or the NBA, but "God" blessed me to be able to touch people with my voice, I'm ready to express myself through my music to anyone ready and willing to listen."C.Boyd

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. C.Boyd is the Oldest of three boys, he considers himself fortunate to have been raised by two parents who cared for and loved him. Their backing of him has always been unwavering, even as he decided to pursue his passion for music in New York City. His family is not only a source of support for Boyd - it is also the very foundation of all that he does. C.Boyd's love of life, past achievements, and his desire to do the right thing stem from his family's example.

"I am definitely a family guy, I love my two brothers, niece and BOTH parents. I consider myself a momma and daddy's boy. I love them both equally and they are the best. My grandparents are still living, and they are funny, I tell ya" C.Boyd

C.Boyd has been blessed with an extraordinary talent of understanding music. At the tender age of 16. C.Boyd wrote his first song titled "Thankful."Since then C.Boyd has mastered his writing skills and has written hundreds of songs including, "Clingin On", "Love is Like Math", and "I got it feat Lou is." C.Boyd has also written for various differant artist.

" My writing is always from the heart, I am always asked, where I get my inspiration to write from, I have to say that it comes from everything that I have seen or, experienced in life and that is what makes my music relevant, We all go thru things and experience things, rather its difficult or joyful. Funny thing is we have all experienced something that someone else has experienced in life." C.Boyd

C.Boyd has been through his own hardships as well. While living in NYC, there were times where C.Boyd really struggled to make ends meet, he even considered leaving wondering was being in NYC right for him. C.Boyd realized that he needed to go through this hardship to develop him more as a person. C.Boyd felt that he had work harder because he didnt want anything to stop him from what he was supposed to do - MUSIC.

" I remember them days very vividly, it took alot of praying and faith in God to get me through them days, I was away from family, felt alone, was really getting weak, I wrote a lot and sung a lot at Karaoke- LOL, shout out to the LuLu Lounge Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I was there. No matter what! God really eased my mind and I was at peace singing."C.Boyd

C.Boyd's willingness to learn and adapt helped him create and form his own team while in NYC. From the production of Lou is and Tiger, to the band, to the marketing team. C.Boyd is ready to express himself through his music to the new generation. His music is inspired by the sounds of Donny Hathaway, R.Kelly, Dru Hill, Fred Hammond, and Usher. Although he has many influences, C.Boyd does have a unique style. He combines the artistry of pop chords and dance rythyms with catchy hooks, and timeless messages, also a raspyness that brings out a feeling of soul and gospel music with the passion of R&B, creating a sound that manages to be both refreshing and familiar.

C.Boyd is known in the industry as a very competitive entertainer, and his competitiveness drives him to fulfill his dream of being a successful recording artist. In an era that glorifies that which is dark, decadent, and devious, C.Boyd stands out as a brightly shining light. His music serves as a reminder to people that better times are coming, despite the past or the present. Fueled by a loving family, his music and his message are both persuasive and interesting. Boyd's ability to tell a refreshingly positive story makes him an artist that deserves the music industry's attention.