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His production sounds like music that utilizes the cinematic soulfulness of Hip Hop's 90s era with a pioneering futuristic edge ... Working with something special!! -Don Di Napoli, iSTANDARD INC.




C-Breeze is undoubtedly the truth. C-Breeze a.k.a. Corion Brown, a native Chicagoan started producing music as a grammar school youth. Mr. Brown learned to play the trumpet and later baritone in the school band at Crown Fine Arts Academy on Chicago's southwest side. During Mr. Brown's enrollment, he enjoyed an array of musical genres, which allowed him to draw influence from the soulful kick drum and baseline of house music to the free form instrument expression of hip hop. Even as a grammar school youth, Mr. Brown was described as a "musically analytical kid who listened to music for puzzle pieces". These musical "puzzle pieces" were what Mr. Brown in turn borrowed to make his music engage the audience.

Continuing on through high school, Mr. Brown attended Providence-St. Mel (PSM), a private school on the west side of Chicago known for its hard work ethic and determination to break social and economical barriers through education. Through the education received at PSM, Mr. Brown became socially conscious to the ways of the world and created an outlet of expression by becoming the founder and producer of the hip-hop group Arctic Circle. Arctic Circle had only two members, Corion Brown (producer) and Larry Mckay a.k.a. Larry Keys. Through their music they performed in countless youth based venues while in High School and later as College students at Northern Illinois University (NIU). As undergrads at NIU, Mr. Brown and Larry Mckay released their first professional recording in 1993 "Beats and Flows". "Beats and Flows" was recorded and mixed by award winning engineer Larry Sturn at Battery Studios and received high acclaim from "Props" Urban Newspaper. Moreover "Ride to This," was a local hit single featured on WGCI's Home Jam which received numerous spins for approximately 3 entire months. Arctic Circle's "Beats and Flows" spewed those same "puzzle pieces" that Mr. Brown had always searched for in his music. It was a sound that was atypical of a west side of Chicago mold, yet its carefully constructed lyrical content and heavy kicks layered with futuristic synths cleverly commanded the attention of the thug on the corner to the so-called intellectual.

The success of "Beats and Flows" served as a catalyst for Mr, Brown's production talent and soon caught the attention of Chicago native platinum producer M. Doc. M. Doc felt strongly about Mr. Brown's abilities and requested Mr. Brown to produce a hit song for solo rap artist "Rhyme" of Indasoul Records. After hearing the music that Mr. Brown (C-Breeze) had constructed for "Rhyme", M-Doc decided to keep the work for himself and titled it "Drinks on Me" (Young, Black, Rich and Famous album). As part of C-Breeze's ongoing desire to seek out various exposure outlets, in July of 2007 C-Breeze competed in front of an audience of 350 against 12 hand picked up and coming producers in the nationally acclaimed iSTANDARD Producer Showcase held in Chicago earning him third place and a highly respected review from some the industry's most respected taste makers. C-Breeze continues to extend the awareness of his talent by most recently landing a placement on an upcoming project for Westbridge Records' (Denmark) hip hop artist Z-E-B.

Mr. Brown works as a licensed paramedic and has continued to produce cutting edge music that incorporates ingredients that still appeal to the tail bone. C-Breeze a.k.a Corion Brown continues to collaborate with local talent. He describes himself as an active listener of music and loves the challenge of remix projects. Mr. Brown's career timeline serves as evidence that he has the talent, intellectual capacity, social skills and business mind to carry him far beyond music production.