Cooler by the Lake

Cooler by the Lake

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Explosive, unpredictable and highly entertaining. A time warp band — '70s rock grooves slathered with '80s style melodies, stirred by sudden psychedelic fits. Epic art rock...with flutes!


Combine tight musicianship with a loose cannon and you get Cooler by the Lake. With a two-guitar attack, rhythm section, keys, flute and sax, a dedicated back up singer and raucous frontman Rory Lake at the helm, Cooler by the Lake has been decimating rock clubs all over the Midwest for the last 13 years. It’s more than music; it’s an intense rock experience. That’s why their shaken cocktail of classic rock, psych, prog and punk appeals to all fans of rock, especially when served by wildly charismatic Rory Lake. Due to their unique versatility and amplified entertainment factor, Cooler by the Lake has squeezed on stages with new wave and rock legends Adam Ant, Molly Hatchet, The Fixx and Asia as well as punk and indie acts Sean & Zander, Sweet Cobra, Nashville Pussy, Drag the River, Cherry Valence, Danko Jones, Peelander Z, Electric Frankenstein and Apocalypse Hoboken. Cooler by the Lake has also performed during a live simulcast of a bacon eating contest on ABC’s, The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

More on Rory Lake: Known around the country for his wild, anything-goes Karaoke Dreams show, Rory Lake has held the #1 Chicago Nightlife spot on for years. He's been featured on the front page of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE for his karaoke shows at the American Legion FDR Post 923 – the last remaining American Legion hall in the city of Chicago. Rory was invited by the band, Black Dahlia Murder to bring his Karaoke Dreams to the Rockstar Mayhem tour as the after-party empresario. In 2008, Rory Lake received a CAAP (Chicago Artists Assistance Program) Grant from Mayor Daley's Department of Cultural Affairs to aid in producing Rory Lake's Battle of the Bands – a tongue-in-cheek 'battle' with local and national touring bands and minor celebrity judges. Rory's shows have been given proper notice by all Chicago entertainment guides, including THE CHICAGO READER, TIMEOUT CHICAGO and THE ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER. Rory admits outright he only began doing his solo shows, now 10 years in the running, to promote his first love – COOLER BY THE LAKE.

Cooler by the Lake is currently working on their 2nd studio album. Basic tracks have been recorded at a river house on the Fox River by Johnny "Z" Zwierzko, legendary front of house sound man for Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick and Van Halen. "Z" is a hard-working union sound man and can be found running monitors for Styx at Ribfest or manning the parabolic microphone during Bears games at Soldier Field. Also producing, recording and mixing is John Hiler. The band did vocals and overdubs with John at Jay Bennet of Wilco's studio, Pieholden Suite Sound. John has recorded many Chicago greats such as Smashing Pumpkins, The Frogs and Liz Phair. He's also recorded Slayer and Danzig. John saw great interest in the 'Cooler' project and compares the band to another he's recorded – Hedwig and the Angry Inch (combined with Frank Zappa). The band invited a special guest keyboardist to appear on the album. Bruce Murphy, formerly of Men Without Hats, lends his geek love of the Hammond B3, Wurlitzer and other synths to several tracks. The executive producer of the album is Rory Lake. The tentatively titled album, WARM LEATHER VEST, is scheduled to be released in late summer of 2013.


F**** Me With A Stick

Written By: Rory Lake

Who gonna lick the stick?
You gonna lick the stick

A peaceful man
Walks the earth
Always on guard
Never know
Just who walks in the yard

Ain't gonna let nobody out there get the best of me
And I'll choose my weapon from the nearest tree

Say you wanna fight
Well I'll defend my life
Leave your gun at home
Keep the sheath upon your knife

Guns were made for fools
And knives just ain't no good
The only way is hand to hand
With a broken piece of wood

Fight me with a (x3)
And then you lick the stick

Some battles we can't choose
Some battles we do lose
With twig, branch, or broom handle
This battle's making news

No matter how it ends
Maybe we can still be friends
And live to fight another day
With a big oak's broken ends

So come on, fight me with a (x3)

Feet are firmly planted
Grip I'm squeezing tight
We'll be knocking wood together
See who's licking stick tonight


Arluck Time Live Concert DVD 2012 Randoman Records
"F**** Me With A Stick" Internet Single 2011 Rory Lake Presents
Arluck Time Compilation CD 2010 Randoman Records
"Welcome To The Battle" b/w "A Battle Of My Own" 7-inch record 2008 Rory Lake Presents
Props BMX Video Magazine DVD 2008
COOLER BY THE LAKE self-titled CD/DVD (The full length debut and a feature length rock-YOU-mentary) 2007 Rory Lake Presents

Set List

That's Incredible
Illusion City
Puddin' Pop
Battle Of My Own
Lady Touché
Cyberian Rainbow
Heroes In Jeans
Back On Track
Singing Along With The Riff
F**** Me With A Stick

This set is approximately 40-45 minutes