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What happens when spoken word, meets a little bit of Monique's Fabulous And Thick performing to mix master beats of Beyonce and Janet Jackson?... The phenomenal multicultural full-figured diva poet...C.C. Carter


Audiences go into a frenzy when C.C. Carter “Struts” her full-figured body across the stage, scatting hip-hop and spoken word that boast of her voluptuousness. Her raw and piercing poetry has landed her National Slam titles including the 5th Annual Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Competition and the Behind Our Mask 1st Annual Slam.

She is a favorite at music festivals performing in front of thousands of women at the Michigan Women’s Music Festival and National Women’s Music Festival.

The multicultural Wordstress fuses her craft of poetry with the harsh realities of Living Large in a Shrinking America – the title of her nationally acclaimed one- woman show. This show is a favorite for Love Your Body and Pre-Vday events on college and university campuses.

In 2002 she was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award for best lesbian poetry and was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame for Arts and Entertainment. Women's Studies Departments, African American and LGBTQ student unions often collaborate to bring her to colleges and universities. She's a triple threat that speaks across a myriad of demographics and diversities.

She has quickly become a favorite act to book for – Black History Month, Women's History Month, National Poetry Month, Pride and LGBTQ events.

Whether performing or emceeing in front of thousands, doing informal readings at book stores, conducting master classes on performance poetry or giving lectures on the "isms" faced by a multicultural, lesbian, full figured femme spoken word artist, C.C. Carter is the person to book for your next event, conference or party.

umph/Ms.Carter is serving poetry that you can taste!
and have you ever seen her perform "Hips" ("Herstory of My Hips")?
It's a Legendary experience.....
Sharon Bridgforth
Lambda Award winning author of
“the bull -jean stories"



Written By: C.C. Carter

What is it that you misunderstand about these hips?
my hips?
These are my hips-
these forty six inch hips
attached to this twenty-four inch waist
are my hips and they tell herstory

perhaps you question the size of my hips-
the second largest continent in the world sired these hips
of course they would be as large-

the oldest civilization on earth gave birth to these hips
of course they would be as wide-

for these were my great grandmother’s
and my grandmother’s
and my mother's hips
and now I am heir to the throne- my crown?
these hips of course-
and I would proudly pass them on to my daughter
for her dowry would you say-

These hips are pyramids-
no blueprints modern technology
no cranes and chains erected these hips
blood sweat and joy created these hips-

My West Indian “fadder”
loved my Dominican ”madre”
and they mixed up the spices
to create the recipe for these hips-

cause my hips are hip-
they swing a jazz tune
they bop a blues beat
they talk a rap rhythm
they dance a drum solo-

these are hot summer day
cold winter nights
spring into action
make you fall in my lap hips-

These are my hips-
no aerobics
no treadmill
no run a mile-

these hips are for you to snuggle
for you to cuddle
for you to sink into and dream-
for you to get lost in all your fantasies-
wrap yourself around and let me squeeze you hips
lock you in and yell si mommy hips
draw you deeper so you can scream,
"dame ah bueno, dame ah bueno," hips
shake with ecstasy, "what's my name," hips
rock your world and swing from chandelier hips
make you release before you were ready to hips-
when you want to hold a woman's hips
when you want to feel the difference between you and me hips
when hard hips want to be soothed by charmine hips
these are my hips- so let the legacy live on.

This is a Warning

Written By: C.C. Carter

By C.C. Carter 㦠March 2002

Lipstick and lace make me suspect
to women who say
women like me
set the feminist movement back
100 years
They watch from hard chairs
through blank stares
try to judge what they see
I once did strippers
who teased men
and some women
with revealed flesh
I try to cover -
Until I saw, she
was me who magnified
all my insecurities
and I was not embarrassed
for her
but for me
who could not dance free
from blind barriers and opaque obstacles
prescribed at birth
when a doctor pronounced my sex
confined my potential
to a check box
with low ceilings and brick walls
squared off from flying -
I see my sistahs
stare at me
a life size Barbie
would be -
Flashing curve and breasts
adorned lips and neck
¡§She needs to stop this
is what we fought hard
not to be!¡¨
we interrupt this poem with a special announcement,
An unidentified black female
has infiltrated the system
and all
We Repeat
national security defenses are at risk

Cause this is a warning warning warning!!!
There¡¦s a person passing as woman
Warning warning
Passing as straight
Passing as fake
The way my brighter and light
great great mother
sun kissed field workers
quick fast
on her way to the big house
turned noses
snubbed shoulders
judgmental stares
Cause she was the chosen one
for the good life
for the nigga wife
who hid a kitchen knife
in sweet potato pies
weaved escaped routes in quilts
then helped twenty to freedom -
Saying prayers on her back
massa riding her front
cause one more sistah
don¡¦t need to be
a victim of
is a warning
to my militant marys
toting hand guns and grenades
downgrading sistahs
Whose weapons
are BA¡¦s or MA¡¦s
some with Ph.D degrees -
Working in corporate capitalists
man-decision making companies
for the key to the office -
While you¡¦re protesting
on the outside
she¡¦s lobbying for your rights
on the inside
the key out the window
for you to come through
front door
is a warning
for sistahs who preach too much
about war and revolution
then suck their teeth at those
who don¡¦t lock their hair
which sometimes
has locked you out
of power positions -
Where you could have
helped another
worked with a brother
schooled a single mother
Yet, you say I¡¦m a sale out
cause I won¡¦t be real
is a warning
for if ever
there came a time
when you really walked your talked
made the bed you laid -
Then this
Barbie pin-up
would gladly let the hair
grow from my roots
long under my arms
thick between my legs
amazon sistahs in my bush
and while checking role call
from the guest house
I pass
right by to the white house
don¡¦t get checked at customs
They think I¡¦ve been trained well.
Go in my office
pop off acrylic nails
load them into an ak 47
break my pumps
boomerang them
the man
all the way to the Taliban
Take off my Anne Klein suit
string up my combat boots
strip down like my sistahs in nightclubs
to lace underwear
revealing floor plans
of security codes
Stand naked
raise my arms
release the funk of fumes
that¡¦s worse than napalm
Take the extra key
unlock the fence
and we my sistahs will
rage war together
Oh yes!!
is a warning
It takes a lot of women
to form an army
It takes all kinds
to win


Body Language published by Kings
Crossing Publishing

C.C. Carter presents Ear Candy
C.C. Carter Live
produced by C.C. Carter Enterprises

popular singles include Strut and The Herstory of My Hips

Set List

Typical set is from 45 minutes to an hour. Can tailor sets for shorter or longer time frames and customize for themes around Body Image, Multiculturalism, Gender Identity and Sexual orientation. Can perform as an opener for bands by performing to music, or for theatrical acts with just spoken word and monologue work.