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DewDrop DayDream

Written By: Charles L Henry

Dew Drop DayDream words and music © Charles L Henry

I closed down the shop, walked over to the Dew Drop
Gonna have myself a nice, cold brew
The jukebox was down, not a soul around
Still I had nothing better to do, guess I had myself the daydreaming blues

She walked in, lord I’d give her a 10 on a scale from 1 to 5
From where I sat she couldn’t see where I was at
But I was glad just to be alive, I was in for the dream of my life

CH: She’s my Dew Drop DayDream, So good to see
She’s my Dew Drop DayDream, looks so good to me
She’s my Dew Drop DayDream, She’s everything a dream should be,
But she’s only a daydream in a bar room fantasy

She looked around the room awhile, ‘til I finally caught her eye
Through the haze I could see her smile and I know she heard my sigh,
Lips so red, so much unsaid, I think you know what I mean,
Right from the start I knew I’d win her heart,
‘cause I’m the one dreaming this dream
No finer dream I’ve ever dreamed

CH: repeat

Rosie's Bar & Grill

Written By: Charles L Henry

Rosie’s Bar & Grill words & music © Charles L Henry

I was sitting at the counter, Rosie’s RoadSide Bar & Grill
Just drinking coffee, I couldn’t handle a bigger thrill
I was feeling poorly, a real bad case of a broken heart
Guess I had nowhere else I had to go,
My whole world just fell apart

She sat down right there beside me, I looked into her eyes
God only knows why He chose to make an angel cry
I could tell she was feeling poorly
It was more than a broken heart
She touched my hand and that was more than I could stand
I couldn’t stand to make a new start

I heard somebody praying, Lord I need somebody
To help me through tonight
Lord I need somebody just to hold me tight
In the morning I know I’m gonna be alright
But tonight I need somebody, to help me shine my light
Tonight I need somebody, to help me shine my light

Nothing New

Written By: Charles L Henry

Nothing New words/music © Charles L Henry

CH: I don’t know, I don’t know nothing new today
I don’t know, I don’t know and I’d rather not say
I don’t know and I can’t go,
I fell in a hole and lost my way
I don’t know, I don’t nothing new today
1- Time was I knew it good
Just because I thought I should
Learned a lot, learned a lot more
Burned a lot just to make a score, and still..
2 – I can hear a tiny voice, full of fear,
It says You got no choice
Scream and shout and fight it out,
Chuck it all away
3 – Need to go, wanta stay
Need to go, got to find a way
I can’t remember, I learned a lot
I knew it once but I forgot and

Aint Had A Very Good Day

Written By: Charles L Henry

(Ain’t Had) A Very Good Day words&music © Charles L Henry

I feel like my time has come and gone
Like I wasted my time on her youth
Lord I’m tired, feeling old
I’m falling out of control
And I don’t know what I should do

Guess I’ll just hang around
Head hanging down
The love of my life just said goodbye
She didn’t have much else to say
She just turned around, walked away
Think I’m gonna go now
Lay down and cry

No I ain’t had a very good day
If I had a wish I’d just give
The damn thing away
I gave all I got
Lord I lost a lot
Feels like I got shot today
Guess I’ll get by, At least I gotta try
No I ain’t had a very good day
No I ain’t had a very good day