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"songwriter / composer release album"

Local songwriter / composer release album.
C Currie • Reader Submitted • May 29, 2008

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C. Currie a north Jackson resident who has been writing and composing music for quite a few years, released the "Live Again" album on 05/02/08.

He played all of the instruments and vocals tracks on the album.

The album, a mix of genres including urban R&B, hip hop beats and pop.

Digstation.com, cdbaby.com, apple Itunes, ruckus.com are some of the online stores that currently have the cd available. Other online stores will have it soon.

CD warehouse in Stonebrook Place, near shoe carnival in Jackson, has the CD in stock.

There have been sales of this album in the US and as far away as Kumagaya-shi Saitama-ke Japan.

For more on this artist go to http://www.silkysmoothrecords.com/.

- c. currie


Live Again is the debut LP the is set to be released on 5/07/08.



I have been performing music since the age of 8. I play all the instruments but my main one coming up was bass. I played bass guitar for several bands in the past starting at the age of 11.
I enjoy the music of Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hatheway, Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Beatles.
I have wrote and produced the debut album "Live Again". I play all the instruments, vocals, the mixing and engineering of the master.

Producing and composing has recently become my main music focus. Releasing the "Live Again" CD is not exactly an attempt to upstart as an artist but more so to expose my music composer skills.
Producing for some of the top artists in the music industry is a another goal that I expect to achieve in the near future.