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CD4/Charles Andrew Garcia

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Working on our first full length album. But we have a 5 song demo complete now.



THE START........................................................................
CD4 were formed during a road trip to Atlanta when Andy was laid off and Hec needed a new job. We were on our way to train for the job and talked about the old band Andy was in (named Exit, CD4 at times) which broke up. Andy basically gave up on music after that. Hec was always the video guy at the old gigs and had always wanted to play in the band. So while driving, Andy just told Hec "hey why don't you practice your guitar and we'll try this again?" A handshake later the idea became a new band with an old name.

Then nothing happened for 4 years, until a friend of Andy's,
Elaine O'Brien (mother of pro-surfer Tommy O') heard him play "Mira Bella" and "Memories Now"on acoustic while in Puerto Rico. She practically forced him into the studio.

"She said something like "get your ass in that studio now, pull it together!"
We owe a lot to Elaine for breathing new life into CD4's music. About a week after her hearing the songs we had four songs recorded and a gig in Italy, all because of Elaine." - Andy

All the CD4 songs are really old except for "I Know" which is only a few months old and unfinished. "Red Lipped Wonder" was written in an ambulance in 1993 and is unfinished. "Memories Now", the one about Hec's cousin Didier, was written in spring 2002. "Angel" was written in 10 minutes in 1998 and is also unfinished. Soon, we will post "Mira Bella" here which we will record soon.
New songs for the untitled album are "The Butterfly Death of Love", "Spanish Eye", and a couple other untitled works.

Hec lives in Atlanta and Andy lives in near Cocoa Beach we are still considering a bassist and drummer, so email us if you are interested in joining CD4.

Hey guys. remember, these songs are a shadow of what they will be when they're finished. Call them a prototype if you want. We will be recording the final versions of these in the studio in melbourne soon, so keep checking back. The album will be finished eventually, so you are basically reading about an album being made. Then we have a release party (you invited)
and release it into the world.