CDG Productions Presents Lil Kappa Da 5 Star General
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CDG Productions Presents Lil Kappa Da 5 Star General

Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF

Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF
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"CDG Productions Performing at Wet-N-Wild"

Kappa from CDG Productions and artist Matula Kiladi performing in New Mexico Wet-N-Wild - El Paso Times

"CDG Productions In the El Paso Times"

Kappa from CDG Productions and artist Matula Kiladi - El Paso Times


CDG Productions has released several mixtapes, and are currently working on new and upcoming projects.

Southern Swagga Mixtape 2010
Released 2010-2011

Da Best Of 3
Released 2008-2009

Kappa Keeps It Streets
Released 2007-2008

Dirty South West
Released 2004

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About CDG Productions

Kappa founded Change Da Game Productions in Oceanside Cali. In 2000 Kappa and a bunch of friends use to get together at the beach, and would freestyle for hours. He then realized that he was battling people, and actually winning. They started out battling each other, and then started to battle other Crews. One Co Founder Will, use to set up battle session at the beach and the rest is history.
Kappa thought that if and when ever he broke into the game, that he and his crew would Change Da Game, and that how he came up with the name CDG Productions.

With the Label name of CDG, he also wanted to make sure that any other artist that would join him, would also have a unique style to be able to impress the audience with their southern, flow.

Most people who hears Kappas flows would describe his as sounding similar to Paul Wall, Slim Thug, or Chamillion.

Who is Lil Kappa

There are great artist born every day. Kappa is one of the few gifted artists who are truly blessed by God. He remains humble and confident even through the roughest of times.
Kappa was born and raised in Ruston Louisiana (50 miles from Shreveport, LA). Growing up as a military brat, he moved from state to state, and from city to city. It was not easy for him to adjust to the fast pace of relocating, and making new friends. Therefore, his escape avenue was when he found music at the most opportunist time of his life. He started to climax into a reputable artist, and the goal he has set has elevated his music into a great emerging Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap artist.
The music that Kappa produces is derived from many of his own experiences, that he feels many of his audiences will be able to relate to. His inspiration is that his music will touch the hearts of many, and with his special gift he will continue to touch many others.

Kappa put out his first CD in Louisiana called; "Down by the Kappa." He was really excited about his first production, but he knew he had a long way to go to master his artistry. "I was searching for myself in music, and was not really sure which direction I wanted to go," he said. However, what he had concluded was that he wanted to make the best music he could, and he ambitiously works to produce the quality music that everyone will enjoy.

Kappa produced his second CD in California after hooking up with an old time friend from Oceanside, California whom referred himself as "Baby Dino." They did a complete CD in less than a couple of months with over 13 tracks. They dropped their first CD together called "Dirty South West," which was quite a success throughout the state.
After moving back to the South, Kappa was committed on keeping on making music which he did. He put out his 3rd CD, and his first solo album in El Paso Texas called; "Kappa Keeps It Streets." During this time, Kappa found himself, and his true calling. He was receiving numerous calls, and e-mails from local promoters who wanted his services to perform at their car shows and various other events.
Through it all, he was beginning to receive the recognition he and his talents deserved, and at every instance he had the opportunity to demonstrate his full potential, he delivered. Kappa always comments about the feelings he feels when he is able to deliver his thoughts through his music. He often remarks that it is about "knowing who you are, and not deviating from the path you have set for yourself, that is what makes you truthful and ultimately successful.

Kappa is currently working on his 4th CD called; "Southern Swagga," which is sure to be another smash hit. He puts his blood, sweat and tears in to his artistry, and improves day by day. Through perseverance and determination it can be concluded that the best is yet to come.
Most of Kappa's music is directed towards the ladies, because he feels that it's important to remember that women are what truly make a man whole. Monetary items or success is nothing without that special someone in your life that is there to keep you level-headed and who supports your endeavors just as long as you keep it real with them.
Kappa has produced and has done tracks with other artist, such as; "Young Roe" from Atlanta, GA, " Pretty Da Pusher", from El Paso, Tx, "Soldier Hard," and "Prez" from California, just to name a few. His unique style will surely push him to the limits.

Kappa has performed in shows from Texas to New Mexico, and each performance is more enthusiastic than ever. He has also been featured in several news paper articles, and news programs.

Kappa was the first hip hop, rap artist to be able to perform in El Paso, Tx. for Mayor John Cook. He said, "that it was an experience of his lifetime thus far, and what a honor to be the only artist to perform in such a setting." He would like be a trend setter for other upcoming young artist who i