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"Honorable Mention, Dec. 2007 - Seasons Of Your Life"

Awarded Honorable Mention for her song, "Seasons Of Your Life" - December, 2007 - Song Of The Year Song Contest

"Top Finalist, 2007 - Hello God..."

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- Great American Song Contest

"Runner Up, August 2006 - Here In My Heart"

Song of the Year


Awarded to C. Diane Hawkins

C. Diane Hawkins has been selected as a "Runner Up" in the August 2006 round of the Song of the Year song and lyric competition. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top entries achieve Runner Up status.

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We wanted to contact you and let you know that the Song of the Year song & lyric writing contest has received the votes from the judges for August’s (2006) round.

Though your material did not place in the top 5 within it’s respective category, your material was still quite impressive. You did make
our "Runner Up" placement as listed at

Congratulations on your great songwriting and thank you for taking part of
the Song of the Year contest.

Jennifer Fowler
Song of the Year

- Song Of The Year Song Contest

"Honorable Mention, 2006 - Hello God..."

Honorable Mention for Hello God... - 14th Annual Billboard World Song Contest

"Honorable Mention, 2007 - Here In My Heart"

Awarded "Honorable Mention" - Top 1500 - 15th Annual Billboard World Song Contest

"Honorable Mention, 2007 - Make A Joyful Noise!"

Awarded "Honorable Mention" - Top 1500 - 15th Annual Billboard World Song Contest

"Honorable Mention, 2007 - The DON'T Sing Along Song!"

Awarded "Honorable Mention" - Top 500 - 15th Annual Billboard World Song Contest


Debut CD - Seasons Of Your Life, 2007



“I go to prove that you are never too old to keep trying.” This is the philosophy behind Diane’s personal countenance. Although she has been writing songs and making music for all of her ‘over 50’ years, (she is a member of AARP!) it has only been in the last year that she has been able to have her dream come true - to record a CD and share her songs.

A self taught guitarist, Diane comes from an incredibly talented family - each with their own unique styles, but where the competition is fierce! She has 5 brothers and 2 half-sisters who have music and comedy running through their veins. The Hawkins brood of 8 first performed in their living room in what became a weekly (and mandatory) family hour gathering. They were allowed to do ‘anything’ they wanted - when it was their turn. When it was not their turn, they were to sit and listen quietly to the sibling whose turn it was. Even today, when they have family reunions, they still have the ‘Hawkins Family Hour,’ and are still respectful of each other’s turn.

Diane joined the Air Force in 1976, and soon began putting on her own little USO shows, ”entertaining the troops, one dayroom at a time!” as she puts it. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to sing on stage with Harry Chapin when she was stationed at Torrejon, Air Base, Spain. With her camera back in her seat, while she was singing, do you think any of her friends thought to capture the moment by, oh, let’s see, taking a picture? She still has not let go of that one! **(UPDATE: PICTURES FOUND! Go to: www.cdianehawkins.net under her BLOG page and click on HARRY CHAPIN)
Her main songwriting influences came from some of the folk and pop icons of the 70’s: Joan Baez, Dan Fogelberg, Carol King, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Cris Williamson, Margie Adams, and Dolly Parton. Diane drew from her own life experiences and emotions when writing her earlier material which ranged from completely off the wall humorous to heartfelt, bittersweet, and introspectively emotional.

In her last year of duty, she got up enough nerve to enter the Air Force Talent Competition, a precursor to trying out for “Tops In Blue” - a traveling ensemble of entertainers who toured the Air Force bases across the world. She won both the Base level and the Command level in her category, ’Vocalist, Self Accompanied,’ and did exceptionally well when competing at the All Air Force level. Diane expressed, “It is not so much the winning for me, as it is to be able to say that I did my very best and it was good enough to allow me to participate. It is all about the participation. I have so many wonderful memories of the times I got to ‘participate’ - all were marvelous experiences.”

After her four years with the Air Force, Diane found herself settling into the real world, working for corporations doing what she was trained to do in the service: telecommunications, networking, and other geeky computer stuff. The security of having a ‘real day job’ took away from her desire to pursue doing anything with her music. She even stopped writing and performing for over 15 years. After some life changing events, she found that her passion to write songs had not died, and she came back with a fervor. Her style has changed just as her life has. She is on a more spiritual journey, trying to find a better communion with God, and accepting life as ‘an older person.’ Her songs are more reflective and inspirational today.

As quoted before, Diane has always wanted to record her songs and, because she was terminated from her 'day job' and, because she has proved that she is “never too old to keep trying,” she released her debut CD in 2007, entitled, SEASONS OF YOUR LIFE. Produced and recorded by Hawkins, and mixed by S.O.L.O. Creative Media, her discography is overwhelmingly inspirational, prophetic, and humorous and is sure to make you smile. Diane is currently touring the U.S. to promote her CD - It is her new 'day job!'

In keeping with a promise to her mother, Diane is also working on her second album, WHEN I WAS YOUNG, to be released in the fall of 2008 which will be a compilation of her most memorable earlier songs.