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"Chemically Dependent Review 2"

C.D. Truth – Chemically Dependent CD
(Foot in Mouth Productions)

Oh boy, this is the dirtiest kind of rock n roll you can imagine. Just mix punk and rock n roll . Not just put it in a blender, but use an old fashioned shaker while driving a pickup truck down a steep road. To add some strange parts this band uses razor sharp pop edges. The Freeze, the Hives, Dead Kennedys (check “No Retreat”) and even Motörhead come to mind. A band trying to attack Turbonegro’s status of most “wrong” band out there…. Wrong being good and bad being excellent. Get this cd… it’s really bad. Rock it!
- Martijn Welzen

- Inside Knowledge

"Chemically Dependent Review 5"

C.D. Truth/Album: Chemically Dependent/Foot in Mouth Productions

C.D. Truth sounds like a retro-alternative nu-wave music that makes you want to stand up and do “the monkey” in your long 60’s one-piece swimsuit. Jeff Hardy’s vocals are high, but strong like he’s going to kick your ass while still under puberty. Chemically Dependent defines the CD very well because Hardy’s voice literally sounds chemical: toxic, powerful, and pissed off. Most of the songs sound like the inner most thoughts of a mad scientist, while other songs sound as if they’d be a diner’s jukebox, like “Gee Whiz” and “My Friends Are Doing Bad Things Again.” The band is very good instrumentally as they proved with their killer bass and guitar solos. Their lyrics send positive messages like the songs, “No Retreat.” This might sound really cliché’ but C.D. Truth is truly one of a kind.

- Americore Magazine

"Chemically Dependent Review 3"

CD TRUTH – Chemically Dependent

C.D. Truth seems to having a gloatingly good time as they twist and bang out their three-chord joy, reveling in old school punk rock glory with a sneer here, a bit of sarcasm there, and a whole lot of noise in between. Shades of the Angry Samoans, The Meatmen, and the Circle Jerks resound throughout Chemically Dependent, but not in a cheesy derivative way, more in a sense of the similarity to their energy and sense of humor. But there’s a spooky edge here as well, as evinced with the hauntingly jagged “Queen of Blood,” and the enigmatic closer “Bubble Up!” has an eerie, spaced-out quality that’s strangely at odds with its perky title. “Fact of Life,” “Your Mama Found Out,” “No Retreat,” and “Columbian Drug Lord” are all loud and fun, and to the best of my knowledge no other band has composed a jaunty punk ditty called “Follow Me to Akron.” Honorable peers of modern top-notch punkers like Smogtown (R.I.P.), C.D. Truth definitely derserves a listen. Really coulda used a lyric sheet though . . .

* * * *
- Paniscus Revue

"Chemically Dependent Review 6"

From the land of rubber and Cleveland commuters, Akron's CD Truth returns to Cincinnati in support of its new release, Chemically Dependent. Chemically Dependent is a giant step up from the band's still-engaging but less-developed previous releases. Abrasive but not distractingly punishing, Chemically Dependent is a fiery example of what Punk was meant to be -- bratty, driving and defiant, with gang back-up vocals and swaggering melodies. With "Punk" bands today quickly becoming the new boy-bands, CD Truth defiantly just says "No" to predictability and pandering tunefulness. The band's songwriting is in peak form, as exhibited on the remarkable album high-point "My Friends Are Doing Bad Things Again," with singer/guitarist's Jeff Hardy's unique, bold-flavored voice exuding a melodious charm that is irresistible, while his guitar work has the kind of vintage Hard Rock thump that Queens of the Stone Age are making millions off of right now. It's the kind of song that would be a Rock radio hit in a more perfect world. Bassist John Lee (brother to Cincinnati music hero Chris Lee) and drummer Scott Schrade lay down a twisted groundwork for the winding, punctuated arrangements, which eschew cookie-cutter-isms for more unexpected curves. Most refreshingly, the group doesn't ever take itself too seriously, wiring its jubilant strut with stinging, sarcastic wit, best exhibited on songs like "Gee Whiz" and the band's latest hometown anthem, "Follow Me to Akron." (MB)
- Cincinnati City Beat

"Chemically Dependent Review 1"

CD TRUTH "Chemically Dependent" CD

This is a band among bands. Quite possibly one of the best doing their thing in modern society. I cant say enough good things about this band because they are great live and on this, their second CD, really prove themselves to be elite among elite! I kind of joke around about CD Truth being the punk version of Cheap Trick but its sort of fitting. Their songs seem familiar in a way that its almost like they are singing TO you because of YOU and the things you do. Its that familiarity that makes this stuff stick. This CD is packed with track after track of full-on ragers. From "Fact of Life" to the athemic "My Friends are Doing bad Things Again" to the exalted "King of the Highland Square Losers" and beyond... Thick production, this is one of those disc that you listen to song by song with each tune being a worthy treat... One right after the other. An Live, this band is great live.... Some great shit here, some great shit. Highly recommended. Learn from stuff like this! Let CD Truth take you to school. Get one NOW! PITH RATING: 10
- Shawn Abnoxious
- Neus Subjex

"Seedy Review 1"

"a wry combination of witty lyrics, darkly atmospheric distorted guitars, and bizarre samples and vocal effects."
-J. Hopper - Pittsburgh City Paper

"Seedy Review 2"

"real pop but real twisted underneath too. Seedy gets weirder and darker the longer it goes on, like a stranger that persuaded you into his car w/ sweets and then really started scarin' 'ya once you were buckled in."
- TARD - RealOD

"Seedy Review 3"

"Their song "In Hot Pursuit" is right up my alley and reminds me of something that would be playing on my tape deck when i finally get up enough BALLS to finally rob that bank."
- Shawn Abnoxious - Neus Subjex

"Seedy Review 4"

"Though pegged mostly as a punk band, the Akron crews latest self-released cd, "Seedy", shows the band to be more adventurous and experimental, while retaining punk's energy and sense of humor (Check the AKRON anthem 'We Got the Blimp')."
- Mike Breen - Cincinnati City Beat

"Chemically Dependent Review 4"

Finally, here's a punkish band that understands that "pop" doesn't have to mean "candy-assed." The Akron power trio C.D. Truth has been playing the regional circuit since 1989, but it hasn't been prolific: Its last disc was 1998's well-received Seedy LP. The band's new album, Chemically Dependent, boasts 13 tracks that arrive tightly rehearsed and produced.
From the album's first moment, CDT drops the hammer and never lets up, bashing out a pogo frenzy of Ramones-style buzz-saw chords, go-go beats, and a handful of hardcore sprints. Tongue firmly in cheek, singer-guitarist Jeff Hardy delivers lyrics that recall Cheap Trick, winning by keeping it simple, as in "Gee Whiz": "I think you're great/I think you're really cool/You're really nice/ And you go to school/Gee whiz/ When you're with me/Gee whiz/If the world could see." It's been a while since Weezer wrote anything this consistently engaging. As the song says, follow C.D. Truth to Akron -- or wherever you have to. They're worth a drive
- D.X. Ferris
- Scene Magazine


new(2009) Completely Destroyed - cd
(2006) Follow Me To AKRON - dvd
(2005) 1990-2005 - 3xcd
3xcd collection of unreleased C.D. TRUTH material. 71 songs in length.
Season 1 - "Man-vs-Self", "Rat in a Cage", "Siiting on a Rainbow", "Shat Sammich", and more.
Season 2 - "Haunted Meadow", "Chinese Fire Drill", "Concrete Street of Sound", "Westward Skies", and more.
Season 3 - "I Hate Route 8", " We Got the Blimp", "Cry Your Eyes Out", We Got the Blimp", "Questions and Answers", and more.
(2004) V/A - F.I.M.P. Comp 2: OHIO 2 (comp) -
"State of Remote Control",
and "Perfect World".
(2003) Chemically Dependent - cd
(2002) V/A - Let's Get Killed (comp) - "News Yelling
(2001) V/A - F.I.M.P. Comp One -"Fact of Life", "Your
Momma Found Out", and "King of the
Highland Square Losers"
(1999) Seedy - cd
(1995) Akron Leakin' Urinal 7" - "I hate Rt. 8", We
Got the Blimp", and "Into the Sea
(1994) Hurts - ep



C.D. TRUTH is borne from the ashes of the deserted rubber factories of AKRON, Ohio, and will be the ones responsible for destroying the universe. It seems that it would get harder, but it just seems so much easier these days to realize that your in one of the best rock and roll bands in the country. C.D. TRUTH has finished recording 15 songs at Lack of Control studios in Akron, Ohio, and are currently mixing with Bill Korecky(Mushroomhead, Integrity, Donny Iris)at his Mars studio. Look for us to continue our deranged punk rock and roll with the release of 'Completely Destroyed' in early 2009. Hope to see you all soon.