Another bunch of new songs about love, life, clones, bodybags, lost love, and living in AKRON that = Completely Destroyed.


C.D. TRUTH is borne from the ashes of the deserted rubber factories of AKRON, Ohio, and will be the ones responsible for destroying the universe. It seems that it would get harder, but it just seems so much easier these days to realize that your in one of the best rock and roll bands in the country. C.D. TRUTH has finished recording 15 songs at Lack of Control studios in Akron, Ohio, and are currently mixing with Bill Korecky(Mushroomhead, Integrity, Donny Iris)at his Mars studio. Look for us to continue our deranged punk rock and roll with the release of 'Completely Destroyed' in early 2009. Hope to see you all soon.


new(2009) Completely Destroyed - cd
(2006) Follow Me To AKRON - dvd
(2005) 1990-2005 - 3xcd
3xcd collection of unreleased C.D. TRUTH material. 71 songs in length.
Season 1 - "Man-vs-Self", "Rat in a Cage", "Siiting on a Rainbow", "Shat Sammich", and more.
Season 2 - "Haunted Meadow", "Chinese Fire Drill", "Concrete Street of Sound", "Westward Skies", and more.
Season 3 - "I Hate Route 8", " We Got the Blimp", "Cry Your Eyes Out", We Got the Blimp", "Questions and Answers", and more.
(2004) V/A - F.I.M.P. Comp 2: OHIO 2 (comp) -
"State of Remote Control",
and "Perfect World".
(2003) Chemically Dependent - cd
(2002) V/A - Let's Get Killed (comp) - "News Yelling
(2001) V/A - F.I.M.P. Comp One -"Fact of Life", "Your
Momma Found Out", and "King of the
Highland Square Losers"
(1999) Seedy - cd
(1995) Akron Leakin' Urinal 7" - "I hate Rt. 8", We
Got the Blimp", and "Into the Sea
(1994) Hurts - ep

Set List

Our set list currently:
No More,
Completely Destroyed,
I Love Your Clone,
Murder Avenue,
Body Bag,
State of Remote Control,
My Friends Are Doing Bad Things Again,
Cleveland You're Still #2,
Henry Heepee,
We Got the Blimp,
Jocko-Homo (DEVO)
Cry Your Eyes Out,
plus other songs and the rock opera Sammy