Kinderhook, New York, USA

Music with heart and intelligent lyrics to boot. Songs that grow on you and stick to your ribs and buzz around your brain, combining crafty songwriting with unique sensibilities.


Cea Marie (also known as Christina Abbott) began making music at the age of 14, picking up her dad’s unused acoustic guitar and a cheap chord book, and has never looked back. Her school of music was slugging it out in local coffeehouses, bookstores and bars for years. As a result, she built a loyal local following in Connecticut and began opening for acts such as Mary Gauthier, Erin McKeown, Debbie Gibson, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, and Josh Kelley. In 2006, Cea began to work on a side project, Hot B*tch Arsenal with former roommate Kim Galibert. They were a trip-hop, acid-jazz, sultry electronic-duo who put on interactive live shows, pushed boundaries, and opened for Kaki King during their heyday from 2006-2009. During this time, Cea continued to hone her craft, writing songs until a new body of work was formed. She enlisted the expertise and musical abilities of Jez Thomas (of The Sunray Estate) and Paul Benham (of if:then:goto) to help paint the sonic landscape that would become their debut, full length album “The Swan and The Sparrow” and make the Cea Marie circus complete. Together they have created a unique sound, with lyrical and musical depth coupled with whimsy and whip-smart pop sensibilities. Currently Cea is working on a solo, stripped down acoustic album of original works called "The Future Frontier". For more information, go to www.ceamarie.com


Big Ol' Sky

Written By: Cea Marie

i'm just a product of two people's bad luck. and if there is a god it's safe to say, that i give up like a lamb lickin' wounds from a tiger. the higher up i go, the more i'm afraid....of that big ol' sky.//i am a long shot away from a good time, and i'll be your ruination if i can. how bittersweet it is when you're let down like nighttime. just eatin' up all the light and all the land, under a big ol sky.//open wide, say "ahh" and try to speak a different language. rarer than the northern lights that settle into anchorage. grayer than the grayest skies. the powers we relinquish everyday. hey hey.// out there is a beacon and i see it when i'm sleeping, summoning me to a better place. 'cause every step you take becomes old news in seconds. you blink and all you had just drifts away...under a big ol' sky.// we are like violets ready to bloom but we've got it confused between the sun and the moon. and we ain't really sure when it's safe to come out an evolve. so count up your peas & your kernels of corn. 'cause currency is dead and i'm trying to warn all you pinchers-of-pennies there's puzzles still left to be solved.// like why does the sky light up when all that i want is a black cloud? and why does the sky dim down when all that i want is a little more light?


The Swan & The Sparrow
Full Length Album
Released October 2010
produced by Jez Thomas and Paul Benham

Set List

Mostly originals. Can play anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.