Cece and Me

Cece and Me

 Elgin, Illinois, USA

I grew up in the 60's and loved the mellow acoustic sound of folk music. I still love that sound but put Christian lyrics to it. Our lyrics are a mixture of evangelistic, testimonial, bible stories, and scripture put to music. Our music,I've been told, sounds like it came out of the 70's.


Though he has been playing guitar since his single digits, performing and writing started in 1995 when Paul Ellingsen was walking through the plant where he was working and said to God, as a rhetorical question, not expecting an answer, “So what's next God?” God said, “music.” Shortly thereafter Paul started writing and performing in coffeehouses, festivals, churches, bars, and anywhere else he was welcomed.
In 2001 Bernadette, who was also in his praise band at church, started singing with him. They formed the group PBforJ (Paul and Bernadette for Jesus). Bernadette sang with the band until 2005. Paul Ellingsen's latest band, "Cece & Me" is a lively and mellow Gospel Folk group featuring the vocals, folksy guitar picking and soulful harmonica playing of Paul Ellingsen. Cece plays bass, mandolin, and Congas, and sings backup vocals.
All of the MP3s except,"Moses Moses" are from our newest CD, "The Road", which was released in February 2011. The picture to the left and the song,"Moses Moses" is from our 2007 CD, "Wish I Had a" which you can listen to it at: http://www.pbforj.com/index2007.html You can also see videos of us and download a few free MP3s at our web site: www.CeceandMe.com
Our lyrics are a mixture of evangelistic, testimonial, Bible story telling, and Scripture put to music. The music is mostly folk style, with some country, some blues, some classics, and some guitar, harmonica and bass or Conga instrumentals. It is our prayer that you be not only entertained, but that the Holy Spirit use us to give you a glimpse of the love, forgiveness, and hope that comes only through Christ Jesus, our Lord.


Impossible Things

Written By: Paul Donald Ellingsen

1. Impossible Things © 2011 Paul Donald Ellingsen
Chorus: He's the doer of impossible things. When He reaches into your heart you'll sing.
Like the warm sun on a cold winter’s day, He will melt all of the icicles away.
1. If you only have the faith of a seed, He will pick up and move mountains into the
sea. If you only wait and be still, You will see Him doing His perfect will. To Chorus
2. When you feel like you just can't go on, He will lift your heart with a song.
If you will only sing praise to Him, He will make your heart young again. To Chorus


Written By: Paul Donald Ellingsen

. Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4) © 2011 Paul Donald Ellingsen
Is this not great Babylon, That I have built for a royal dwelling By my mighty, my mighty power and for the honor of my majesty?

Thus spoke King Nebuchadnezzar, Full of pride and conceit. And as he spoke, God was angered and He issued this decree, “You shall live like an animal, driven from the presence of men, ‘Til you know God rules over the nations and places over them whosoever He will.”

King Nebuchadnezzar woke seven years later and praised the God of Heaven with these words, “Now I, King Nebuchadnezzar, Praise, extol and honor the King, The King, the King of heaven, All of whose works are truth, and His ways, His ways are justice, and the proud He is able to put down. And the proud like me He is able to put down. And the proud like me He is able to put down.


Written By: Paul Donald Ellingsen

Walkin’ © 2011 Paul Donald Ellingsen
Walkin’ with my Jesus In the way He would lead us. Walkin’ gettin’ closer to my home.
My troubles lie before me, But they won’t storm me, ‘cause I’ve got the love of Jesus in my soul.

The devil’s right behind me, He’s thinkin’ he can bind me, But Jesus sets his people so free.
I once was a stranger, Livin’ on the edge of danger, But I found the one who set my soul free.

He came and lived among us, Was humbled before us, And by his death He secured my victory. I’ll live with him forever. My troubles will be never, ‘cause Jesus, He set my soul free.

The Road

Written By: Paul Donald Ellingsen

The Road © 2011 Paul Donald Ellingsen
When the sun rises up in the morning, And I don’t always know where to go,
May your light always guide me, Through the storm, and the winds and the snow.

For tomorrow we don’t know what’s coming, and today’s end is only hours away,
But there’s a bright hope just ‘round that corner, if we only trust Jesus today.

For there are many friends I will meet there, and some I haven’t seen in a while,
But I know as I enter your glory, I will sing your praise with a smile.

And when the sun sinks its head in the evening, And I see just how faithful you’ve been,
May I always give thanks for your goodness, Before the road it rounds the next bend.

Moses, Moses

Written By: Paul Donald Ellingsen

Moses, Moses
by Paul Ellingsen Ex 2:12, Ex4:17, Ex 4:1-5, Ex17:5&6, Ex14:16, Ex8:5&6, Ex12:36, Jn6:9-13, IIKings4:8-37, Jn6: 5-14

Moses, Moses, put down that stick
Without Me you can't do one lick
You killed an Egyptian with your own hands
But your people are still prisoner in Egypt land
Moses, Moses, put down that stick.

Moses, Moses, with what you give to Me
You'll bring water from the rock, and you'll part the Red Sea
Bring frogs up from up from the sea
Lead your people out triumphantly
What you can do with what you give to Me.

How can we out give the one
Who for us would not hold back His Son
Jesus said freely you received, now freely give.
now freely, freely give.

There was a woman a Shunamite by race,
Made a room for a man of God in their place,
God gave to them a son, and they had just so much fun
God even saved him from an early grave.

Was a boy, he had five loaves and two fish,
Said, “Jesus You can have them if you wish.”
Jesus broke them and He gave thanks
Fed five thousand there on the banks
What you can do with what you give to God and give thanks.

May We Praise You

Written By: Paul Donald Ellingsen

May We Praise You © 2011 Paul Donald Ellingsen
May we praise You in the morning, when our eyes are open wide.
May we praise You when it’s night time, and on our bed we lie.
May we praise You when we’re happy, and the sun’s up in the sky
May we praise You in our sorrow, when there’s tears in our eyes
May we praise You when it’s evening, and there’s dinner on our plate
May we praise You when were hungry, and seem subject to bad fate.
May we praise You, ‘cause You love us, and You died for our sins.
May we praise You, ‘cause You’re Mighty, and because You rose again.
Praise (You) Jesus....

Still Small Voice

Written By: Paul Donald Ellingsen

Still Small Voice © 2011 Paul Donald Ellingsen
Chorus: A still small voice, A still small voice, God still speaks in a still small voice.
Easy to ignore, easy to not see, God still speaks in a still small voice to me.
1. Elijah ran, ‘cause he was scared, Ran for his life through the desert air.
When he awoke God fed him there; Ran forty days on what he ate there. To chorus
2. Elijah ran to the mountain top, Hid in a cave behind a rock.
God said, “To you I will appear. Come to the cave and stand right here.”
A great wind came; broke rocks in two. The earth it quaked; then fire too.
To speak in these was not God’s choice, (cause) God still speaks in a still small voice.
A still small voice, A still small voice, God still speaks in a still small voice
Easy to ignore, easy to not hear. God still speaks in a still small voice not far from here.

Sanctified Boogie

Written By: By Paul Donald Ellingsen

Sanctified Boogie
By Paul Donald Ellingsen © 2007
My Jesus saved me,
From a life of slavery.
My Jesus saved me, I don’t mean maybe.
Forevermore I’ll praise His name.

Nothing But The Blood / The Blood of Jesus

Written By: Robert Lowry / Paul Donald Ellingsen

Nothing But the Blood of Jesus 1 John 1:7 Robert Lowry BMI work # 12567312

1. What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Chorus: O precious is the flow that makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

2. For my pardon this I see... For my cleansing, this my plea...

3. Nothing can for sin atone... Naught of good that I have done...

4. This is all my hope and peace... This is all my righteousness...

The Blood of Jesus © 2011 Paul Donald Ellingsen BMI work # 12567313

The blood of Jesus will cleanse me from my sin.
The blood of Jesus will make me whole again.
The blood of Jesus, He sets his people free.
The blood of Jesus, He died on Calvary.
The blood of Jesus, He rose up from the grave.
The blood of Jesus, He came for us to save.
The blood of Jesus, it saves us from our sins.
The blood of Jesus, it makes us whole again.

(1st time) The name of Jesus, the name of Jesus,
There is no other name by which we may be saved.

(2nd & 3rd time) We praise you Jesus, we praise you Jesus
There is no other name by which we may be saved.


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