Cecil 'BigC' Ford

Cecil 'BigC' Ford


BigC is a urban gospel artist/producer who is not afraid to take the gospel to the streets. With music you can chill and even dance to. While at the same time getting your praise and worship on. It's the Same message... different method.


BigC was brought into this world on February 21st 1978. From that point on his life has been filled with music since is his first steps was to his mother's vinyl record collection. All he heard growing up was music from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and other Motown heavy hitters. Started playing piano at the age of 6 as well as many other instruments. At 12 he heard the Lord call him to music vocally when he got his first solo in a Christmas music at his church. It was then he started to concentrate on music and such a young age. Like any other young adult he was ran from the Lord because of drama in his life, but that did not stop what God was trying to do in his life. At the age of 25 he broke into solely being a hiphop producer for a small independent record label in Lynwood, Ca. But he felt like that there more to this "music" he was putting down. A year later he teamed up with 2 other producers to form another production team called "The Alliance," but still there was something lacking. That is when he truly felt God pulling on his life in a different direction that is peers were going. He then broke off and went solo and began producing urban gospel music. Music that has the same message but a different method. His debut album as a producer was put down by the "O.R.G. (Organization Ran By God)" entitled "God's Request." Another project he solely produced was entitled "Impact" by A.C. (All About Christ). Both projects made an impact to whom ever listened to them. Teaming up with his partner "Wink Sanatra" has enabled them to form "Jesus Geek Muzik." An anointed group of arists whose sole mission in life is to deliever the message the Lord has given them. In 2007, BigC released his debut album entitled "Bringin It Back Home" doing his own production, but now its 2009 and BigC is releasing his next album entitled "Died For Him" which is set to turn some heads, pierce some hearts and open some minds. It goes to show that God can use anyone for His glory and to help spread His message through music.


"Bringin' It Back Home" - 2007 (release date 1/15/2007) - www.cdbaby.com/cd/cecilbigcford

"Died For Him" - 2009 (release date TBA)

Set List

My set list usually is about 3 to 4 songs depending on the event.