cecile corbel

cecile corbel


“Imagine a red haired Celt from Brittany (France), with a voice that hovers somewhere between Kate Bush and the purity of Sinead O Connor and you’ll have a good idea what this remarkable young harpist, arranger of traditional songs and original songwriter sounds like. sydney morning herald - feb07


Cécile Corbel

"A redhead fairy, just out of a Broceliande tale, (…) eternal vibrations, powerful culture, charismatic personnality" La terrasse Octobre 2006

Singer and composer Cécile Corbel was born in Brittany, the Celtic region in the north-west of France.
As a child, she travels all over Brittany with her parents, who were puppeteers.
In her teens, after learning the guitar, she discovered the Celtic harp.

Aged 18, she then moves to Paris.
After a few years performing in Parisian streets, pubs and cafés, she self-produces her first album, soon distributed by the most important French Celtic label Keltia Musique (Sinead O’Connor, Loreena Mc Kennit).
3 years after this first work, she now releases her second, full-scale album, “SongBook 1”, inviting the musicians who followed her during these years.

Her unique harp technique and her appealing young voice sometimes compared to Kate Bush’s, reveal a world encompassing ancient poems, original compositions, Celtic tunes and Mediterranean melodies.
She takes you for a trip out of a time.

Following the path of prestigious musicians such as Alan Stivell, the young Breton composer and singer now performs her Celtic and world music with her musicians in France and all over the world. She recently appeared for 3 concerts as supporting artist for Laurent Voulzy in May 2007 at the “Olympia” in Paris.
She also was supporting artist for many great world music musicians including Lunasa, Helen Flaherty, Ousmane Toure, Alan Stivell... She has perfomed at various Festivals and concert halls: La Maroquinerie, Solidays 2005, International Harp Festival at Dinan (France)...
....And warmly greeted abroad: Estonia, Australia and Tasmania (Australian tour 2006 - French festival of Adelaide with Yann Tiersen and Matmatah), Poland, The Czech Republic, England, Belgium, United States (Louisiana, Texas)

In 2005 she was awarded the ..Prix Paris jeunes talents musique.. (Talented young musician award of Paris)

In 2008, she will perform all over France ( especially in the main Celtic rendezvous of the summer in her native Brittany) and in Belgium, Estonia, England, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Burma and Germany...
She ‘ll be on stage with Altan, Carlos Nunez or Soldat Louis…(…)
An Australian tour and a US tour are also set up for 2008.

Press Review

"Imagine a red haired Celt from Brittany, with a voice that hovers somewhere between Kate Bush (she can sure reach those higher registers), the purity of Sinead O Connor and the mysticism of Enya and you’ll have a good idea what this remarkable young harpist, arranger of traditional songs and original songwriter sounds like.
Corbel belong to this new generation of European folkies, put her in the same bag as Kate Rusby, Eliza Carthy and Jim Moray - In the sense that she is happy to take crusty old folk standards and reinvent them for the 21st-century audience.
The most interesting tracks on the album are the old made new, wich include her rich mix of funky rythm and strings on “she moved through the fair”, the very Enya-ish “the burnt of Auchindoun”, and a tantalizing intermingling of ancient and modern in her version of Robert Burns’ “A red red rose”.
This is the work of a major new talent."
The result is accessible, cutting-edge-folk. BE
Sydney Morning Herald – February the 18th - 2007

"Cécile draws her inspiration from traditionnal melodies she renews with hints of « pop » and folk music (...) She sings with an exquisite grace"
World MD

"Cécile Corbel sings like a nightingale"
Libération – 18 nov. 2006

"She imposes an enchanting universe with a clever mix of traditionnal Irish songs and Breton tunes".
20 minutes 2 nov. 2006

"C.C. mirrors her singing, limpid, fragile, but confident. She draws her inspiration from the Breton tradition, from Breton laments and magic tales".
Libération – 14 dec. 2006

"Cecile is a citizen of the world, and her voice flows as she tells about exile, rough seas, lovers parted by life, migrations".....

"A wide-reaching and soothing energy"

"..An irresistible voice...."

"You immediately think about Loreena McKENNITT"


Cécile Corbel “Harpe celtique et chants du monde” Keltia Musique RSCD270 A 6-track album and Cécile’s first recording released in 2005

Cécile Corbel “Songbook 1” Keltia Musique RSCD279 Cécile’s first full 12-track studio recording. Available from October 2006

Set List

quintet concert : 90 minutes
trio concert : 75 minutes
mix of traditionnal celtic/medieval songs and original compositions