Cecile Hortensia

Cecile Hortensia

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

A Desert Flower Blooming With French Touch.
French singer-songwriter settled in Phoenix, Arizona, Cécile
Hortensia releases poetic songs, in both French and English. She blends folk, country, rock music and an indescribable French Flavor. Her exploration of timeless themes synthesizes both French and American cultures. She will be releasing « Cactus Road », her first studio album by the end of 2011.


Born in France , Cécile Hortensia pursued Political Sciences in Europe. She followed a corporate path, but overwhelmed by her passions for music and poetry, she finally decided to quit her job to embrace the Arts on a full-time basis.
After several musical collaborations in France, she ventured to Phoenix, Arizona . Influenced by her new environnement and its Nature, she refines her sound and shapes her own style of songwriting in her own mother tongue, as well as in her newly adopted lanIn 2010, she met Olivier Zahm in Phoenix of Electric Lotus Music and so brewed the Cécile Hortensia first album. The American experience of a Gallic songwriter.


EP - February 2011
LP "Cactus Road " December 2011

Set List

2 acoustic guitars
1 percussions
1 bass
1 vocalist