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Written By: Sofia Tancredi

You were always near, I was never far away
You were always here and you said it was to stay
I bit back my fear and took your hand
But you disappeared before I could stand.

And now you've left me falling, falling
Memories come calling, calling
You took my innocence away.

I lost myself, couldn't comprehend
You were not in love and it was the end
But you promised me that our bond would mend
These days you don't even pretend
And this is a song that I'm writing for that first friend

You spun your golden lies around me
Shining so bright I couldn't see
I trusted you with everything I had
You smiled so sweet, never guessed you were so bad

And back then I was falling, falling
Now I'm down here crawling, crawling
Do what it takes must get away

I died more than you deserved
I cried more than anyone heard
I lied more than you learned
So I’ll fight for my right to disturb

I want to hate you, I almost can
I want to change you into a man
I want to forget you and set you in stone
To always remember the lesson you wrote

And all is wrong that falls through in the end
I’ve letters here that I will never send
I thought you cared, but it was all pretend
And these are the things that remind me of that first friend

And now that it’s all over, over
You don’t even look my way
Not like I’d even want you to
Or look back anyway

And now that it’s all over, over
We both have nothing to say
Except for all of the pain I’ve hidden
Deep inside of me

And hatred’s what the doctor recommends
But none not even you could understand
That even though I’m doing all I can
There’s a feeling inside I’m fighting for that first friend