Cecil Thornton and Transparent

Cecil Thornton and Transparent


Gospel music....soulfully fused with jazz and neo-soul! What an amazing musical experience.



Psalmist, lyricist, producer, and arranger, Cecil Thornton is a “fresh-wind” arrival on the global music scene. Not your typical Christian vocalist and in no way a stranger to the stage, Cecil is a trendsetter whose musical creativity, lyrical connectivity, and vocal uniqueness catapults his music into a genre unparallel to others. A gospel sound fused with neo-soul and jazz influence to create musical experiences that far exceed the ordinary.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas to the union of Rev. and Mrs. E.D. Thornton, Cecil’s Christian roots were inevitable. Not to mention his vocal inheritance! During his younger years Cecil recalls instances where his mother would render stirring vocal renditions of hymns that would tear at the hearts of all in attendance. Young Cecil paid close attention to every note, progression, and inflection without realizing he was, indeed, developing the giftedness that was within his own heart. As the years passed and Cecil became a teenager, his vocal ability was noised locally and he began singing in churches and other venues sharing stages with Kim Burrell, Yolanda Adams, Kathy Taylor-Brown, V. Michael McKay and many others. Upon completion of high school Cecil made a choice that would change his life forever.

In 1998, after his high school graduation, Cecil relocated to Atlanta to continue his education as a Music Business major at Morris-Brown as well as pursue a long-awaited career in music. He quickly formed many musical relationships with vocalists, musicians and directors but one individual went on to become one of the most influential of them all. In 2000 Cecil became a member of Dirk Chaney’s Chosen Aggregation and later became heavily involved in the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA). The connection to the late legendary Dirk Chaney was one that introduced Cecil to music in a much greater way. Dirk worked closely with Cecil, mentoring him, to further develop his apparent giftedness and taught him what it meant to live life as an “artist”. At the peak of his development as an artist, Cecil was featured in 2001 as a featured soloist on the GMWA “Men of Promise” release.

In 2003 Cecil formed a group of singers who would foster change on the music scene. A small group of singers who, together, possess complicated harmonies, incomparable connectivity, and a conservative, yet trendy, image. The group was named “Transparent” to clearly convey this group would remain open to the will and purpose of God as it relates the their music ministry. Together, Cecil Thornton and Transparent are introducing a new wave of music and creative artistry to the world. Connecting the Word of God with emotion; emotion with the creativity; and the creativity to the music to capture an amazing musical experience.

In November 2006, Cecil Thornton and Transparent released their first LIVE recording entitled “Live Simplicity”. Without a major distributor the CD has done extremely well in both the Christian and secular markets. Cecil’s grassroots promotions/publicity has been highly successful in marketing the product. However, to experience Cecil Thornton and Transparent live is the best marketing tool anyone could be afforded.

Anticipate greater from Cecil Thornton and Transparent!!!

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