Cedar Noir

Cedar Noir

 Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GBR

We are a band of four very individual musicians brought together through a passion for alternative and diverse sounds. We fuse all of our personal musical influences, creating a middle ground between folk, country, blues and rock music, making these often unheard genres accessable.


Cedar Noir is a four piece band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Constructed from four local musicians, Lucy Hammond on drums, Enrico Pistore on lead guitar, Sarah Van Jellie on bass and Gem Andrews on Vocals, rhythm guitar and banjo. Due to the cultural and social diversity in each member’s background, an inevitable fusion, reflecting individual roots has occurred and formed a unique, yet palatable sound, paying homage to country, blues, folk and rock music and bridging the gap between these sometimes obscure genres to popular music.

Cedar Noir have also worked with visual artists at several gigs, combining their musical performances with live and pre-recorded film footage.

We have played live all over the North-East and West, and have gigs coming nationally. In the summer of 2004, Gem Andrews played solo gigs throughout the Southern states of the U.S.A, from Nashville to New Orleans. This was an extremely valuable experience, instilling in her as a songwriter a greater passion to write, produce and perform original material. We each draw influences from such artists as Lucinda Williams, The Knife, Emmylou Harris, The Be Good Tanyas, Sonic Youth, Joan Baez, Leadbelly, Nick Cave, Martha Wainwright, Depeche Mode, PW Long and Patsy Cline.

Alongside Cedar Noir, all members have projects of their own involving music and art. Sarah co-founded ‘Rock ‘n‘ Doris‘ which promotes women in music as well as working full time as a promoter and also plays in various other local bands. Lucy is involved in other music projects and sometimes DJ's. Gem pursues a solo career playing singer/songwriter nights and has collaborated with several local bands on their own albums. Enrico works as a session guitarist.

Although we all like to remain busy in music outside of Cedar Noir, we each have a relentless passion to work within music, and have found a unique situation when working with each other in the same band that has been both creatively inspirational and fun, this has given way to an abundance of material. We play together extremely well and as often as possible, rehearsing usually up to five times a week, and all feel completely ready to take our music to the next level, which we consider to be touring and recording an album.

Recent Press Releases:
“Cedar Noir create a tender ambience with female vocals that break between both strength and fragility”
Narc Magazine, Aug 2006.

“An entirely refreshing young band, Cedar Noir echoes Patsy Cline and The Be Good Tanyas”
Jumpin’ Hot Club, Nov 2006.

“With beautifully crafted, haunting and delicate songs, this country, blues and rock infused band are one to watch for 2007”
The Crack Magazine, Jan 2007


"Cold Stone Floors" + "She's Got You" recorded on the new 'Shipcote & The Foot Tappers' LP.

Gem Andrews also adds harmony vocals on the new 'Free Diamonds' album to be released on 1st April, with radio play.

Set List

Support Gig: 30-40 mins/Headlining Gig: 60-90 mins

Set List:
We Were Strangers
She's Got You
When The Grass Is Over Me
Where Are You
How Long
Cold Stone Floors
The Knowing
Biting the Hand that Feeds Me
Wherever You Go
Trouble In This House
Warming the Floor-Boards
Reservoir Comb