Austin, Texas, USA

One of the last of the dying breed of hair metal infused rock and roll bands, CEDAR SAVAGE is a powerhouse of loud music and bold theatrics.


The members of CEDAR SAVAGE from across the globe meeting coincidentally the Mid-West of the United States came together for the first time in the autumn of 2007 to form the band HAAT TRIX. Soon after changing their name to the PATRIOT ACT, the band temporarily lost guitarist Derek Thriller to a three year physiological experiment. Reuniting to full strength in late 2009, once again the noise of the CEDAR SAVAGE boys is heard in the underground Austin Hard Rock scene. This smoldering blast of heavy riffs and Blues inspired guitar solos has always been a crowd pleaser.


Ride with the Shadows

Written By: Stroker N Stallion

We like to ride on the thunder, we make the pavement scream in the night, when the throttle is high you can hear us for miles, you better lock up your daughters tonight. We don't take no lip from no one, we only steel what we need to survive,. we're gonna kick start a leather revolution and ride it till the day we die.
With the daylight the sun is our master, by night let the moon be our guide, you can run if you want, but we're always behind you, you know you've got nowhere to hide.
And I don't care what your mama says about my crazy ways, we'll get in her face and say

Ride with the shadows and we're gonna rock this town
Ride with the shadows but in the morning baby we'll be gone
Ride with the shadows so come on let's ride
you're an outlaw now baby come on with me

The road is the home of an outlaw with the horizon in his eye, so strap on your boots and get ready to fly you're in for one hell of a ride.
And I don't care what the law says about my crazy ways we're gonna burn out of this place. Come on and saddle up.

(Solo Stallion)

And I don't care what your mama says about my crazy ways, get in her face and say
come on and saddle up.



Sons of Zebody Sessions. 2009

Set List

What, and ruin the surprise?