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"An instrument over the instrumental."


My name is David Berkeyheiser, also known as Cede (meaning to give up or surrender fully). I grew up in a suburban town called Glen Mills, just South of Philadelphia. I was born into a Methodist church that was very traditional and at times ignorant in its theology. Just as any other human I was born into sin. I loved to satisfy my flesh and did anything that felt good, as long as it was in the appropriate boundaries of my parents. Just as anything apart from God my life became meaningless. In 2000 the Spirit of God graciously revealed the imperative need for a savior to me through The Cross Movement at a Christian festival. The past seven years have been full of forgiveness, grace, mercy and love that can only come from a Holy God. I am currently enrolled in the Biblical Studies program at Philadelphia Biblical University in further preparation for ministry. Where God is leading I cannot pinpoint, but what He is leading me to do; that’s easy. I have been graciously called out to glorify and uplift His name while encouraging His children. That is what I wish to do through my life; the music is just a gift, a tool that I would love to take full advantage of for the single purpose of Glorifying God.


"Better Off Dead" (2006)

Set List

Depends on the topic or theme of the event. Can and will perform any previously recorded songs, and occasionally free-style.