With 8 extremely gifted singers and musicians, Cede delivers one of the biggest sounds in contemporary Christian music. Their style ranges from pop to rock to gospel and inspirational, and always with a powerful message in their original compositions.


Cede was founded in 2010 by San Francisco Bay Area songwriter and worship music leader, Scott Metcalf, along with Neil MacPherson, Aaron Nuss, Alex Cordrey, and Stewart Burr.
Over the course of his career, Scott has worked with many well-known artists in the CCM industry: Donnie Boutwell (Chris Tomlin), Trey Hill (Sonicflood), Reggie Coates (Phil Keaggy), among others.
His desire was to put together a band in his native California that would be of the same calibre as those he had worked with in Nashville. That dream was realized in Cede.

This band of top performers includes music director and keyboardist Neil MacPherson (Bobby McFerrin, John Popper, Marc Ford); vocalist Tammi Brown (Coldplay and Stanley Jordan); vocalist Will Russ (Bill Hopkins Orchestra); drummer Stuart Burr (Chubby Checker, John Lucas); vocalist Aaron Nuss; master acoustic guitarist Reggie Coates; and Nashville session bassist, Alex Cordrey (Luce).
Together, they bring a high-energy mix of original and familiar worship and praise songs, sprinkled with a few mainstream hits. It's a show and a sound you won't forget.


-Not My Own (see video)
-The Great Reunion
-You Make All Things New (Receiving radio play)
-I Will Be Silent (Receiving radio play)
-Getting Stronger
-Shades of Grey (On the soundtrack of an upcoming movie)
-Your Love Is Forever
-I Need a Shelter (Receiving radio play)
-Ain't Nobody
-Blessed Be the Solid Rock (Receiving radio play)
-In a Blood-Stained Land (YouTube video)
-We Will Reach the Other Side (Features Grammy nominee, Tammi Brown) (Receiving radio play)
-Right Where I Belong
-Trading My Sorrows (Unique cover of the popular song)