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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop


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"Ceerouse - Adrenaline ft. 2 Tone [Audio]"

Ottawa, ON – Ceerouse and 2Tone recently teamed up to hit us with this brand new summer banger entitled “Adrenaline.” Ceerouse takes his typical dark grime sound and channels it into a rough raunchy flex-filled turn-up track.

This wouldn’t be a Ceerouse track without a few snide remarks and offensive bars. So while the hook gives a nod to Lil Jon and DJ Snake’s monstrous “Turn Down For What,” it also gives a shout-out to drunk-induced erectile dysfunction: “Adrenaline/ Can you feel the rush? / Baby girl trying ‘a make me bust/ I’m so drunk I can’t get it up, f**k/ Hold up a minute/ Hold up/ Turn down for what?”

Ceerouse wanted to experiment by fusing his style with 2Tone’s, and the end result is this very song. Also. Ceerouse is launching his own CasaCrouse Records label over the summer and 2Tone is going to be on his roster.

2Tone opens up the track on the first verse. He goes and acts a fool in the club, drinks Ciroc and Henny, and has copious sexual relations with a girl on Molly. Homie has his priorities: “Pennies make dollars/ And dollars make cents/ And that booty presentation that you gave made sense.” Then Ceerouse comes in on the second verse. He goes off about penning his raps and getting love in the club. And then he admits that he’s really busy with the rap game and consequently doesn’t have time to give your girl the D: “I know ya bitch like me/ But I’m busy mang/ I know she want this dick/ But she finna wait.”

On the last verse, our dudes team up and just go all-out ignant: “My attitude is f**k it I’m drunk/ Ask me where I’m sticking my thumb/ Pour the Bombay on her rump/ Shake a little bit of that.”

Shout-out for using the word “rump,” on that line. I aint seen that word in a minute. It’s one of my favourite synonyms for “butt.” - HipHopCanada

"Ceerouse – H&M (Prod. Rel-J) [Audio]"

Ottawa, ON – Up-and-coming Ottawa MC Ceerouse just hit us with a seriously raunchy NSFW joint titled “H&M.” So here’s the deal: Ceerouse found out his ex-girlfriend and former manager were having an affair. That’s probably one of the most devastating things that can happen – when your closest girl and your best friend stab you in the back and rip your heart straight out of your circulatory system.

So Ceerouse decided to fight back with his words by throwing some serious hostility on this joint. The wounds are fresh and Ceerouse is a sloppy mess of feelings. Seriously. The hook on this track is: “I got my ex-bitch f**king on my ex-best friend.” That’s the hook. That’s the part that gets stuck in your head. The malice is VERY real. Check it out below.

Ceerouse opens up the track with a bit of a disclaimer: “I just gotta get some sh*t off my chest like someone gave me a Cleveland steamer.” Then he goes off with no holds barred as an ever-melodic “Tell me how my dick tastes” vocal brings us in to the track.

Ceerouse has always been much more of an underground MC. He likes profanity. He likes shock-value. And he’s a grinch. But he owns that ish. You might not like this track, but you’ll feel where homie is coming from.

When you listen to Ceerouse, you know you’ll get offended. You know that he’ll provoke you with his lyrics. And you know that you’ll be listening to some downright angry rap bars: “Sometimes your boys are the most poisonous people of all/ They’ll want your spotlight/ Leech off your achievements/ Eat your food/ And f*ck your b*tch.” - HipHopCanada

"Ceerouse – Acid Thoughts [Audio]"

Ottawa, ON – Ceerouse recently hit me up to let me know that he’d dropped a remix titled “Acid Thoughts” over top of “Acid Rain” by Chance the Rapper.

I am mad impressed with this young cat. He delivered verses over a track that’s so different from his own material (which ranges between being totally angsty-angry, and being totally goofy). Ceerouse worked the introspective angle of the original song to make the track his own. He gets a little deeper than usual. But the joint stays genuinely Ceerouse. That – ladies and gents – is how you rock a remix. Check it below.

Here’s a little background for you: back in July, I wrote a #DearRappers column about how annoying it was that everyone was dropping 0 to 100 freestyles over Drizzy Drake. At one point in the article, I suggested that MCs try their hand at freestyling over Chance the Rapper or Childish Gambino: “I have yet to see someone send me a freestyle over any Chance the Rapper joint, or any joint off of Gambino’s Because The Internet. Why? Because Bino and Chance are changing the game. Because the Internet and Acid Rap were both defining projects for the new wave of hip-hop.”

Anyways, Ceerouse read my piece and decided to take a chance on a Chance remix. He took the original “Acid Rain” and morphed it into a commentary on “Acid Thoughts.” Y’all are probably familiar with those, right? Acid Thoughts are the thoughts that keep you from reaching your full potential. Ceerouse nails it: “Acid Thoughts/ They corrosive to my limelight/ Acid Thoughts/ We all have Acid Thoughts.” Huge kudos to the big homie for stepping his game up. Salute! - HipHopCanada

"Ceerouse – Sinister [Video]"

Ottawa, ON – Earlier on this month, Ottawa-based MC Ceerouse launched new visuals for his track “Sinister.” Admittedly Ceerouse just went through some rebranding; and the result is this particular single. It’s a lead-up to his forthcoming album due out at the beginning of July. The beat was produced by Ear2ThaBeat, and the video was produced and edited by Adam Kirkey (of Slinger Pictures). Check out the video after the jump. And head over to SoundCloud to peep more Ceerouse music.

So let’s get down to the “Sinister” business at-hand. In the video, Ceerouse throws a glow-in-the-dark black-light party. There are babes in bikinis. White bikinis. Which is of importance; because – you know – when you wear white under black-lights, cool ish happens.

Then Ceerouse hits us with this very dark, morbid lyricism: “You suck/ Mofu*ka/ Suckle these nuts/ Pucker up/ And see someone bust/ So kiss my butt.” No lie: I really want to whip this line out next time someone gets me all hot-and-bothered. Because how does one even make a comeback at that? It’s impossible. Ceerouse also supports several things that I do not condemn: like slitting Lois Lane’s wrists, exposing one’s private bits in the cinema, and killing people. Don’t do those things, people. Please and thank-you. - HipHopCanada


Ceerouse - Sinister (Single Music Video)
Ceerouse - Supervillain (EP)
Ceerouse - Acid Thoughts (Single/remix)
Ceerouse - H&M (Single)
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Fast rising Canadian emcee Ceerouse, has built a name and a reputation for himself, and you can expect additional traction this year. 2015 was off to a good start with the release of his controversial single ‘H&M’ that has had the internet buzzing and wondering what to expect next.

In the spring of 2014, Ceerouse released the highly-anticipated music video for his debut single ‘Sinister’. Shortly after, he went on to release the Supervillain EP which boasted thought provoking ideas disguised in hardcore X-rated rhymes, delivered in a style that is truly unique to Ceerouse. 

With a high-energy stage performance that is more of an emotional experience than just another rap show, Ceerouse took the crown in the third volume of CapCity Showdown, and has since teamed up with artists Fletcher G, and Thandie Dice to start CasaCrouse Records. Having already captured the attention of bloggers from HipHopCanada, Entertwine, and CapCity HipHop, (among others) Ceerouse is gearing up to release a new album and launch CasaCrouse Records.

A graduate of Algonquin College’s prestigious and well-respected Music Industry Arts Program, the Rapper-Entrepreneur-Extrodinare has been carefully seasoned to take on the music industry and establish CasaCrouse as serious contenders in the Canadian Hip-Hop scene.

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